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Robot Lawn Mowers Australia Tests every robot mower

All our robots undergo in-house testing for best service and advice on robot recommendations.

Trustworthy Robot Mowers selected from reliable manufacturers at affordable prices for the Australian public. We strive to provide comprehensive information on each model’s technology, features, and capabilities. Our range of Robot Lawn Mowers caters to customers seeking both low-tech and high-tech, top-notch equipment, ensuring options for every budget.

These reviews will help you to understand if a certain robot will meet your lawn requirements!

Mammotion LUBA 2 – Unboxing and Assembly

In this video we unbox the new Mammotion Luba 2 wireless robot lawn mower. We also assemble Luba ready for

Mammotion LUBA 2 – Working with NO Satellite Signal

In this video we test Luba 2 to see how it performs when used in areas that have no GNSS

Mammotion LUBA 2 VS LUBA 1 – Performance Test

In this video we compare the basic functions of Luba 2 against it predecessor Luba 1.

Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD – Can it mow all my lawns

In this video we install the new Luba 2 from Mammotion in Australia on my own lawn that has a
Luba 2 First Look Thumbnail

Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD – First Look

In this video we have received our first Luba 2 model so we can show you the actual changes from
Mammotion Luba 2 AWD - Introduction to Australia

Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD – Introduction to Australia

In this video We discuss the changes between the previous Luba 1 range and the new Luba 2 range. Also,

How RTK Works in Robot Lawn Mowers

In this video we run through how RTK works and what the potential issues may be and how to fix

Mammotion LUBA Connecting to the App and first Firmware Update

In this video we show you how to connect your Mammotion Luba to your App and how the first firmware

Mammotion LUBA Testing Under More Trees

In this video, we focus on LUBA functionality under tree coverage and various terrains.
what is inside of LUBA AWD5000

What is Inside Mammotion LUBA

Take a closer look at the Mammotion LUBA and uncover its internal parts.
LUBA AWD5000 testing on rough terrain

Mammotion LUBA on Rough Terrain

In this video, we focus on LUBA functionality under tree coverage and various terrains.
LUBA AWD5000 testing under tree coverage

Mammotion LUBA Testing Under Trees Coverage

In this video, we focus on LUBA functionality under tree coverage and various terrains.
Mammotion Luba AWD5000 robot mower review

Mammotion LUBA AWD5000 Review – Field Testing

In this video, we provide you with an in-depth review and testing analysis of the Mammotion Luba AWD5000 robotic lawn
LUBA RTK Wall Mount Installation Video​

LUBA RTK Wall Mount Installation Video

A Luba LUBA RTK Wall Mount Installation Video.
5 reasons why to buy a robot from a specialist

5 Reasons to Buy Robot Mowers from a Specialist

This video lays out the five main reasons you should always buy a robot mower from a specialist, as big
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