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Robot Lawn Mowers Australia Tests every robot mower

All our robots undergo in-house testing for best service and advice on robot recommendations.

Trustworthy Robot Mowers selected from reliable manufacturers at affordable prices for the Australian public. We strive to provide comprehensive information on each model’s technology, features, and capabilities. Our range of Robot Lawn Mowers caters to customers seeking both low-tech and high-tech, top-notch equipment, ensuring options for every budget.

These reviews will help you to understand if a certain robot will meet your lawn requirements!

5 reasons why to buy a robot from a specialist

5 Reasons to Buy Robot Mowers from a Specialist

This video lays out the five main reasons you should always buy a robot mower from a specialist, as big
Ambrogio 4.36 4WD - Review Video Thumb

Ambrogio 4.36 4WD – Review & Torture Test

This robot is impressively capable on slopes and and can cut with more power than just ablut any robot mower
AMbrogio Green Line

Ambrogio Green-Line Features

The Ambrogio Green line is a range of robotic lawn mowers designed for residential use.
Ambrogio installation Video

Ambrogio Installation Video

The Ambrogio installation video provides step-by-step instructions for perimeter wire and charging station setup and troubleshooting advice.
Introduction to Ambrogio robot lawn mowers and their features Demonstration of the Ambrogio L250i Elite model in action, showcasing its navigation and mowing capabilities Overview of the Ambrogio app and its features, including scheduling, map management, and real-time monitoring Presentation of the L250i Elite's innovative features, such as the self-cleaning blade and adaptive cutting system Explanation of the L250i Elite's safety features, including lift and tilt sensors and obstacle detection technology Brief overview of Ambrogio's range of robotic lawn mowers, including their capabilities and features Conclusion and summary of the benefits of using an Ambrogio robot lawn mower for lawn maintenance.

Ambrogio L250i 2019

Ambrogio L250i Elite robot is a concentration of innovation and technology and can manage lawns of up to 3.200m2.
Ambrogio L30

Ambrogio L30 Basic Review

The Ambrogio L30 robot mower is designed for small to medium-sized lawns and comes equipped with advanced features and capabilities.
Ambrogio L400

Ambrogio L400 Series

Introduction of the L400 series of the Ambrogio robot mower highlighting their features.
L60 Ambrogio robot

Ambrogio L60 Deluxe Review

Ambrogio L60 Deluxe is designed for residential gardens up to 200 m² without the need for primer wires.
Ambrogio L60 no perimeter wire

Ambrogio L60 Deluxe Review (No Perimeter Wire)

The Ambrogio L60 Deluxe video provides a detailed overview of the robot's features and capabilities.
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