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Mammotion Luba Testing Under Tree Coverage

Mammotion Luba: performance under trees coverage and different terrains

In this article, we will delve into the testing and performance analysis of the Mammotion Luba AWD5000, an all-wheel-drive robot lawnmower. Our focus is on its functionality under tree coverage and various terrains. We will provide an overview of the testing areas and the setup, followed by a summary of the key features observed during the testing process.

Luba Key Features and Testing Results:

  1. Impressive Slope Handling

    The Luba AWD5000 demonstrates exceptional performance on slopes, even on relatively steep inclines of 45 to 50 degrees. It smoothly maneuvers uphill, making turns without any issues. In one case, where the slope reached 55 degrees, it still maintained its performance.

  2. Strategic Setup for Improved Maneuverability

    To facilitate Luba’s turning capabilities on slopes, a smart strategy was implemented by mapping the area onto the concrete, allowing it to turn around on the flatter ground. This setup enhanced its traction and prevented the wheel from spinning on the slopes.

  3. Effective Tree Coverage

    Despite significant tree coverage, including canopies and low-hanging branches, the Luba effortlessly mowed through these areas without any positioning errors. The robot consistently maintained a clear view of the sky, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity with the reference station.

  4. Satellite Connectivity and RTK System

    The Luba utilizes a 900 MHz signal for communication between the robot and the RTK reference station. Contrary to common misconceptions, this connection is not reliant on line-of-sight. The recommended maximum distance between the antenna and the robot is 120 meters, although testing showed stable operation up to 150-200 meters. It is crucial to ensure both the reference station and the robot connect to the same satellites for accurate positioning.

  5. RTK Antenna Placement

    Optimal positioning of the RTK antenna is essential for reliable performance. It should have a clear view of the sky, preferably within a cone-shaped area of approximately 120-160 degrees on all sides. While the tested setup didn’t fully meet these recommendations, the Luba still functioned well, emphasizing the robustness of the system.

  6. Grass Buildup Management

    In areas with wet or long grass, the Luba may experience grass buildup underneath the blades. Regular mowing and scheduling sessions during drier periods can help mitigate this issue. Manufacturer improvements are expected to address this concern, potentially by incorporating blade guards to prevent excessive grass accumulation.

  7. Luba Wi-Fi Connectivity and Push Notifications

    The Luba connects via Wi-Fi, allowing users to monitor its status and receive notifications through the dedicated app. However, as of the testing phase, push notifications were not yet available, limiting real-time alerts. Future updates are expected to include push notifications for enhanced user experience and better system monitoring.

  8. Security Considerations

    While the Luba lacks built-in security features, users can enhance security by placing an Apple AirTag or similar tracking device within the robot. This measure allows tracking and locating the Luba in case of unauthorized removal from the property.


The Mammotion Luba AWD5000 impresses with its robust performance under various tree coverage and slope conditions. The RTK system ensures accurate positioning, even in challenging environments. Although grass buildup remains a minor concern, regular maintenance and scheduling can minimize the issue. Future updates are expected to enhance push notifications for improved user awareness. Overall, the Luba AWD5000 proves to be a reliable and agile solution for automated lawn mowing.

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