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Experience immaculate, worry-free lawns with the HOOKII advanced technology and intuitive features. Perfect for small to medium-sized gardens, Hookii keeps your outdoor space looking its best, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy.

ATTENTION: This product is not currently available in Australia. Please contact us to find out when this product is predicted to be available.

HOOKII Robot Mower

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HOOKII Neomow Parallel mowing mode

Parallel Mowing

HOOKII Noemow re-cutting at stoppage point

Re-Cutting at Stoppage Point

Intelligent & Efficient

Mow up to 1,000㎡ per day

Multi-zone management

33% Slope (18°)

Obstacle Avoidance

HOOKII Neomow App control

App Control

Hooki Neomow Robot FAQs

Hookii robot lawnmowers are safe, eco-friendly, and fully autonomous. They only require a perimeter wire installation around all the areas to be mowed. 

However, Ambrogio offers some robot lawnmowers that do not need perimeter wire for small gardens.

Once the installation is finalized, your robotic mower will be scheduled to mow and return home to recharge by itself with no input from you at all.

The function of the perimeter or boundary wire is to communicate where the lawn boundaries are to the robot mower.

The charging station emits a signal through the boundary wire, so when the robot mower approaches the boundary, it stops and goes back the other way.

The Neomow S uses this boundary wire to map the area to be mowed, using a GPS receiver within the robot and the base station. Neomow will calculate its area map every time the robot starts, so it will identify any changes to the boundary of the areas to be mowed.

Moreover, when the robot is low on battery, it will find the boundary wire and then follow it to return to the charging station.

There are two options for the installation of the perimeter wire around the edges of your lawn. One option is to peg the boundary wire to the grass. The second option is to bury the wire approximately 5cm deep, by cutting a small slit in the ground.

If possible, we recommend initially pegging the wire down to ensure that the robot lawnmower is running flawlessly over the space for a few days or a week, and then bury it if you wish to bury the perimeter wire.


Yes, the HOOKII Neomow S will identify multiple zones connected by narrow sections in the boundary wire that are 60cm wide between the two wires. Neomow will mow each zone one at a time until the entire area is completed. No programming is required to set up a multi-zone with the Neomow S.

If you have separate areas of the lawn that cannot be wired to the main area with a 60cm wide path, the Neomow is not able to be set up with a “Closed Loop” like traditional wired robot lawn mowers can. For separate lawn areas, you need a second base station so the robot can map the area to start mowing.

Yes.  HOOKII Neomow robots will finalise the mowing by following its boundary wire. Due to the blade system being located in the centre of the robot, there will be some uncut grass around the edges of your lawn. This uncut grass is minimal, but you will still need to use a line trimmer in some areas.

If you have level concrete or paved edging on your lawn boundary, the Ambrogio robot will travel with one wheel on the hard edge and another on the lawn during the boundary mow. This allows the robotic mower to cut to the edges in this situation.

HOOKII Neomow allows you to select between their two mowing paths. One mowing path is the Parallel path, and this mowing mode means that the mowing path is parallel throughout your lawn. The other path is Random Path like traditional robot lawnmowers, which its efficiency is low. It is recommended to use a random path when the parallel path method is not effective, due to poor GPS coverage for the robot or the base station.

Additionally, the Neomow robot mower has a single-grid and double-grid mowing pattern. The single grid only mows in one direction within a single mission. The double-grid mows in two vertical directions within a single mission, so it has higher coverage than the single-grid pattern. Although, this reduces efficiency and increases the amount of time the robot requires to mow the lawn. This double grid mowing pattern mode is recommended for the first week of mowing.

The main benefit of robot mowers is that they will mow your lawn more often than you would and keep the grass perfectly mowed all year round. HOOKII Neomow S increases the mowing efficiency by mowing the lawn in straight lines like you would when using a push mower.

It is best to allow your robot to cover your ENTIRE lawn 2-3 times a week during the peak growing season in Australia. Whit the Neomow S means a single-grid mowing session every day or a double-grid mowing session every 2 or 3 days.

Neomow S will mow about 150m2 per hour (Single-Grid Mode) and 300m2 per battery charge, so working out how long it needs is a simple calculation:

Lawn size in m2 / m2 per hour your robot model mows = time required to mow the entire lawn

*For this example, the lawn size is 300m2, and the robot model is a Neomow S that mows 150m2 per hour

300m2 / 150m2 = 2 hours to mow the entire lawn.

During peak growing season in Single-Grid mode, the Neomow will need to do 2 hours mowing per day. Or if you use Double-Grid mode you can mow for 4 hours every second day. It is best to have your robot mowing either every day or every second day in peak growing periods.

The above calculation is only a guide as different-shaped lawns will take different durations to mow.

HOOKII Neomow S covers areas up to 1000m2. Unlike traditional random path robot mowers, this maximum area is not required to be reduced due to the complications of your lawn type.

It is IMPORTANT to notice that every robotic lawn mower have 3 different slope ratings.
Maximum Permissible Slope – It determines the highest gradient value that the robot mower can manage. The highest slope should only be in a small part of your lawn and it should be well inside your perimeter wire.
Maximum Consistent slope – If most of your lawn is sloped, this should be the maximum slope gradient value of your lawn.
Maximum edge slope – This is the most important rating, is the maximum slope allowed within 1 metre of your boundary wire.

* These ratings are the maximum allowable ratings on a perfectly manicured lawn surface. So lawn areas with rough or uneven surfaces, thick or deep grass (>30mm deep when cut) will need to be factored into your maximum slope ratings.

Find out how to measure slopes gradient here.

Thick grasses like newly laid Buffalo and Kikuyu can be difficult for some robot mower to travel on.

If you notice that your lawn is more than 40mm in height when freshly mowed, keep it in mind when choosing a mower. Newly laid or grown grass are usually deeper than older established grass.

Also, lawns that are heavily thatched underneath can cause the grass to be too deep and spongy. Deep spongy grass is also difficult for the robot mowers to maintain traction.

If your lawn is under 40mm in height when freshly mowed, then most robot mowers will be able to travel on them easily.

For the best advice on this, please send a photo of your lawn to us to provide you with the best advice on what robotic mowers are suitable.

Efficient and Effective, Mow Like a Pro with HOOKII

Parallel Mowing

Neomow S uses its advanced algorithm to calculate the most efficient mowing path based on your lawn topography, it divides the lawn into multiple areas and mows in parallel lines. Compared with traditional random-mowing robotic lawn mowers, Neomow reduces repeated mowing areas and saves time.

Alternate Directions Each Time

If always cut your lawn using the same pattern, the grass will start to lean in the direction it mows and may even end up with ruts in the lawn. Neomow S will mow in a different direction each time automatically to keep your grass stand up nice and tall.
Hooki Neomow Alternate Directions Each Time
Hooki Neomow Alternate Directions Each Time
Hooki Neomow Alternate Directions Each Time

Total Control at Your Fingertips

Cross Mowing Mode

With the multiple mode euipped and friendly app, Neomow S allows you to set up flexible mowing modes and leave fewer missing cuts on the lawn. With “Cross mowing mode”, Neomow S enables mowing into complex lawns under weak signals with internal cycle direction built, strong and flexibal.
Hooki Neomow cross mowing

HOOKII Multiple Modes, More Mowing Ways

Hooki Neomow Three Mowing Speeds

Three Mowing Speeds

Three Mowing Speeds

With the multiple-mode equipped and friendly app, Neomow S allows you to set up flexible mowing modes and leave fewer missing cuts on the lawn. With “Cross mowing mode”, Neomow S enables mowing into complex lawns under weak signals with internal cycle direction built, strong and flexible.

Daily maintenance mode

After continuous lawn mowing, this mode can be used for daily lawn maintenance, which can complete the work efficiently.

Custom mode

Users can set corresponding parameters according to their own lawn conditions and their own habits to fit their personalized usage habits.

Dual Mowing Direction

Parallel path

Parallel mowing mode means that the mowing path is parallel.
Hooki Neomow parallel path mowing mode

Random path

The efficiency of random path is low. It is recommended to use random path when the parallel path effect is not good.
Hooki Neomow random path mowing mode

Different Mowing Pattern

Single grid

Only mow in one direction within a single mission.
Hooki Neomow single grid mowing path

Double grid

Mowing in two vertical directions within a single task has higher coverage than straight lines, but reduces efficiency; this mode is recommended for the first mowing.
Hooki Neomow double grid mowing path

Re-Cutting At Stoppage Point

Powered by a 4400 mAh high-capacity battery, Neomow S can mow up to 300 m² per charge. When the battery is low, it returns to the charge station automatically. Once it finishes charging, it back to the interrupted position to continue mowing.

Dual Ultrasonic Sensors

Neomow S is equipped with two high-performance ultrasonic sensors, allowing it to precisely detect obstacles and adapt to the changing condition promptly.
Hooki Neomow dual ultrasonic sensor

Easily Manage Multiple Zones

Just set up the passages across the areas, and then Neomow S will pass through the passages to mow all areas of your lawn.

Hooki neomow Easily Manage Multiple Zones

Easily Cross-Narrow Passages

Neomow S can mow areas as narrow as 65 cm in width, allowing it to mow all areas on your lawn without missing any areas.

Hooki Noemow Easily Cross-Narrow Passages

HOOKII is An Excellent Helper for Lawn Care

Compared to traditional random mowing robotic lawnmowers, Neomow S is 3-5 times more efficient than them due to our parallel mowing algorithm.

Slopes Capacity

Hooki Neomow Ability to Climb Slopes

Due to a powerful brushless motor, dual off-road tires, and a high-capacity battery, Neomow S is capable to climb up to 33%(18°) slopes, enabling Neomow S to handle various lawns with ease.

Mowing Schedule Settings

Hooki Neomow Ability to Climb Slopes
Grass growth varies by season. By setting different mowing schedules according to grass growth through the APP, you can help keep your lawn healthier and looking its best.

Different Mowing Height, HOOKII Adjust According to Your Needs

Hooki Neomow with Adjustable mowing height

HOOKII Anti-Theft System

Hooki Neomow alert message

Alert Message

If Neomow S crosses boundaries while mowing, you will receive an alert message on the app telling you that the robot lawn mower is abnormal.
Hooki Neomow GPS Theft Tracking

GPS Theft Tracking

The Neomow S has a GPS tracking function that works through the HOOKII app, allowing you to see exactly where the Neomow S is. No need to worry about your robot getting lost.

HOOKII Safety Protection System

With multiple built-in sensors, Neomow S can precisely monitor and promptly respond to the changes surrounding the environment including weather changes, to greatly guarantee the safety of your family and keeps the lawn healthy.

①   Tilt Sensor

②   Ultrasonic Sensors

③   Lift Sensor

④   Rain Sensor

⑤   Blade Fender

Hooki Neomow Safety protection system

HOOKII Installation videos

All robotic lawnmowers are tested by us to ensure to our customers the best service and to provide the best advice on robot recommendations.


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