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LUBA 2 series

LUBA 2 is the next generation of robotic mowers. Designed for mid-sized to large gardens, LUBA 2 eliminates the need for perimeter wires, giving you a frustration-free, fully autonomous mowing experience.
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LUBA 2 AWD Series


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3D Vision

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No perimeter Wire

Luba 2 robot mower

All wheel drive for 38° Slope

Adjustable Cutting Height

LUBA 2 Robot Mower FAQs

Robot Lawn Mowers are safe, eco-friendly, and fully autonomous. They only require setting up an invisible fence (Virtual Boundary wire) around all the areas to be mowed. Once the installation is finalized, your robot mower will be scheduled to mow and return home to recharge by itself with no input from you at all.

The wireless LUBA robot mower needs a virtual boundary to know where it should and shouldn’t mow. It’s like a digital fence that helps the robot stay within the designated area, preventing it from going into places like flowerbeds or other areas it shouldn’t mow.

This boundary keeps the robot safe and ensures it only cuts the grass where it’s supposed to, making the lawn look nice and tidy. 

Yes, LUBA robot mowers can handle multiple lawns and zones. They are designed to navigate and mow different areas within the same property, thanks to their advanced mapping and virtual boundary capabilities. This allows them to efficiently mow various sections of the lawn without any manual intervention. Each different model has different limits on how many zones they can have.

Yes, the LUBA robot is designed to cut close to the edges of the lawn, ensuring a thorough and precise mowing job.

LUBA robot mowers mow the grass in parallel lines, so you have a beautifully patterned finish to your lawn. These parallel lines can be changed programmed in the schedule so if can mow in any angle you like. You can even mow in two different angles to leave a diamond pattern on your lawn.

The main benefit of robot mowers is that they will mow your lawn more often than you would and keep the grass perfectly mowed all year round.

It is best to allow your robot to cover your ENTIRE lawn 2-3 times a week during the peak growing season in Australia. LUBA robot mowers have a programable schedule feature that lets the robot work when you want it to.

You can work out the number of hours per week needed to mow your lawn by a simple calculation:

Lawn size in m2 / m2 per hour your robot model mows = time required to mow the entire lawn

*For this example, the lawn size is 3000m2 and the robot model is a LUBA AWD 5000 that mows up to 500m2 per hour

3000m2 / 500m2 = 6 hours to mow the entire lawn.

During peak growing season, multiply this number by 3: 6 hours mowing 3 times a week.

For wireless robot mowers is best to have your robot complete a full mowing session as quickly as it can do. In some cases, this might mean running the robot for longer periods of time.

 * The above calculation is only a guide as different shaped lawns will take different durations to trim.

For all robot lawn mowers, we recommend that you don’t exceed 70% of the robot’s maximum capacity to get the best cutting results in a reasonable time frame.

Mowing to the highest capacity of any robot lawn mower is possible, but you will expect the robot to work for 10 hours or more a day, excluding charging times.

It is IMPORTANT to notice that every robot lawn mower has 3 different slope ratings.
Maximum Permissible Slope – It determines the highest gradient value that the robot can manage. The highest slope should only be in a small part of your lawn and it should be well inside your perimeter wire.
Maximum Consistent slope – If most of your lawn is sloped, this should be the maximum slope gradient value of your lawn.
Maximum edge slope – This is the most important rating, is the maximum slope allowed within 1 metre of your boundary wire.

* These ratings are the maximum allowable ratings on a perfectly manicured lawn surface. So lawn areas with rough or uneven surfaces, and thick or deep grass (>30mm deep when cut) will need to be factored into your maximum slope ratings.

Find out how to measure slope gradient here.

Thick grasses like newly laid Buffalo and Kikuyu can be difficult for some robot mower to travel on.

If you notice that your lawn is more than 40mm in height when freshly mowed, keep it in mind when choosing a mower. Newly laid or grown grass are usually deeper than older established grass.

Also, lawns that are heavily thatched underneath can also cause the grass to be too deep and spongy. Deep spongy grass is also difficult for the robot mower to maintain traction.

If your lawn is under 40mm in height when freshly mowed, then most robot mowers will be able to travel on them easily.

For the best advice on this, please send a photo of your lawn to us to provide you with the best advice on what robot mowers are suitable.

Drive LUBA like a remote control car to set virtual boundaries. With our 3D Vision & RTK Fusion-mapping System, precise positioning and boundary compliance are guaranteed, eliminating the need for any wiring

You can also set multiple mowing zones with varying cutting heights and schedules for each zone. Luba will traverse automatically between them.

Drive LUBA like a remote control car to set virtual boundaries. With our 3D Vision & RTK Fusion-mapping System, precise positioning and boundary compliance are guaranteed, eliminating the need for any wiring

LUBA 2 AWD Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower

18 min to set up

Traditional Robot Lawn Mower

180 min to set up

Experience Hassle-free Lawn Care Even When You're on Holiday with luba 2

Customize your ideal cutting height for different mowing zones. Based on specific requirements. We offer two versions of our model: (Standard Version: Cutting height adjustable from 1.0 to 2.7 inches. H Version: Cutting height adjustable from 2.2 to 4.0 inches.)
Luba 2 robot mower cutting height
Planned mowing modes such as Parallel, Checkboard, Diamond Grid, are available on Mammotion APP. Choose a clean and well-defined stripe for your lawn. (More modes will be updated via FOTA)
Luba 2 robot mower cutting modes
Set a mowing schedule for your lawn, and LUBA will provide labor-free lawn care 24/7, following the schedule you have defined.
Luba 2 robot mower mowing schedules
With 4G / Wifi / Bluetooth connectivity, you can track LUBA’s status and manage LUBA’s mowing task anytime, anywhere through Mammotion app.
Luba 2 robot mower mower status

Alexa & Google Home Enabled


When Others Get Stuck, LUBA 2 Prevails

Steep Slopes


Rough Terrain

Tall and Thick Grass

Luba 2 robot mower

Unmatched Structural Engineering perfection

Luba 2 robot mower hub motors
With the patented All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) System, LUBA delivers exceptional climbing capability, conquering steep slopes of up to 80% (38.6°).
With its innovative adaptive suspension arms, LUBA can overcome obstacles as high as 80mm (50mm for the standard version).
Equipped with omni-wheels, LUBA effortlessly performs in-place turns while causing no damage to the grass.

0 Corner Missed with Fusion-mapping System

LUBA 2 3D vision

The 3D vision module is equipped with deep learning capabilities, enabling intelligent boundary recognition.

3D Vision positioning technology

Luba 2 robot mower RKTr5000

The RTK-GNSS Positioning Technology ensures centimetre-level accuracy with an enhanced signal coverage range of up to 5 kilometres.

Enhanced RTK Signal Coverage

Why LUBA 2 3D Vision+RTK Fusion-mapping System?

Precision Navigation

Fusion-mapping System ensures centimetre-level accuracy in positioning.

Unaffected by obstructions

Stable operation is maintained even in obstructed areas, such as under tree canopies or rooftops.

Continuous operation

Uninterrupted workflow is guaranteed by the complementary combination of 3D Vision and RTK, regardless of signal fluctuations.

Unaffected by lighting conditions

Immune to the impact of environmental lighting, ensure reliable performance in any illuminated environment.

Flawless Navigation on Any Challenging Lawn

Luba 2 robot mower under trees

Dense Shade

Luba 2 robot mower narrow spaces

Narrow Nook

Luba 2 robot mower perfect finish

Rough Terrain

Luba 2 robot mower beside pool

Unfenced Lawn

luba 2 is 66% Higher Efficiency than the Second-best

Luba 2 robot mower 60% more efficient
Featuring a unique dual-cutting-disc design, LUBA offers a cutting width of 400 millimeters (15.7 inches), ensuring both efficiency and precise edge trimming.
Utilizing patented algorithms, LUBA automatically optimizes mowing paths for different areas, ensuring efficient cutting while leaving behind beautiful lawn stripes.
LUBA’s lithium battery has sufficient capacity to allow for 180 minutes of continuous operation and the ability to mow up to 500 square meters (0.13 acres) per hour. When the battery level is low, LUBA autonomously returns to the charging station.
Experience uninterrupted mowing with LUBA. After automatically recharging, LUBA seamlessly resumes mowing where it last left off, ensuring a consistently well-maintained lawn.

Unleash Lawn Artistry with Lawn Printing Technology

In the Mammotion APP you can choose different mowing patterns and create custom designs. LUBA 2 uses advanced algorithms to adjust the mowing route cutting height and angle, ensuring precise mowing of desired lawn patterns.

Luba 2 robot mower mowing

Leading the Way in Safe & Secure Lawn Maintenance.

Triple-reductant Obstacle Avoidance

LUBA 2 employs a triple-redundant obstacle avoidance system, incorporating 3D Vision, ultrasonic radar, and a physical bumper.These components are strategically arranged in a geometric configuration, ensuring zero blind spots in the forward and lateral directions. This comprehensive setup provides multi-layered safety protection for your family and pets.

Luba 2 with family

Enhanced Safety Design

Physical Stop Button.
Security Key.
Lift/Tilt Sensor.
Blade Halts during. Abnormal Situation.

Embrace Smart Yard Security: Real-Time Monitoring for Peace of Mind.

Enable the yard monitoring feature in the visual module (defaulted to off to access real-time yard status playback recordings, and manage your yard smartly through the Mammotion APP

Worry-free with Intelligent Security and Tracking Features

luba 2 Care for Your Lawn & Care for the Earth

100% Solar-powerd RTK

RTK is powered by the robust lithium battery that can be charged using solar energy, providing an extended 14-day battery life. This ensures ample power reserves, even during cloudy or rainy seasons.


It operates solely on solar power, resulting in zero emissions and promoting eco-friendliness


It reduces energy costs, making it an economical choice.


With no need for extended power cables, it offers hassle-free installation and operation.


The RTK can be installed in any outdoor open area without the need to consider power sources *Note: Solar Panel Kit is not included and must be purchased separately.

Lithium-battery Powered LUBA 2

Contrasting with traditional gas-powered mowers, Luba 2 runs on lithium battery power, providing a clean and emission-free solution. Besides, our advanced energy management system optimizes Luba’s energy consumption, enhancing overall energy utilization and reducing expenditure.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Cutting Energy Costs

Care for Your Lawn, Care for the Earth

What's in the luba 2 Box

Quick Start Guide

Power Supply.
Extra One Set of Blade.
Security Key.
Installation Kits.
Charging Station.
RTK Reference Station.
RTK Extension Cable (10m).
RTK Power Supply.
RTK Ground Mount.

consumer grade equipment

Wireless LUBA 2 Series robot mowers

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