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We make owning a robot lawn mower easy and hassle-free.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Hassle: Become a Robot Mower Maintenance Pro

Our exclusive video library equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a self-sufficient robot mower caretaker. With comprehensive video guides on setup, tips & tricks, and even minor repairs, you’ll save time and money while avoiding frustration, allowing you to easily enjoy a perfectly maintained lawn.

Did you know we also have a popular YouTube channel packed with informative robot mower content?

Thousands of viewers have benefited from the clear and helpful information we provide in the comments section Robot Lawn Mowers Australia YouTube Channel. This exclusive video library takes things a step further, offering even deeper dives and comprehensive guides to empower you as a robot mower master.

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We'll guide you through everything from setting it up, maintaining it like a pro, and even tackling minor repairs yourself.

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Our content videos include 3 main categories covering topics such as, setups, tips & tricks, and repairs tutorials

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Unlock Self-Sufficiency & Save:
Your Robot Care Library with 3 Essential Categories

SETUP category

Content in this category

  1. Firmware Update
  2. 1 Install Charging Station
  3. 2 Install robot on the Charging Station
  4. 3 Install robot RTK Base Antenna
  5. 4 Setting up the robot Account
  6. 5 Connecting to the robot App
  7. 6 Connecting to WiFi
  8. 7 Connecting RTK Base Antenna to WiFi
  9. 8 RTK Base Antenna Firmware Update
  10. 9 Setting the Charging Station Location
  11. 10 Mapping Areas
  12. 11 Mapping Channels
  13. 12 Mapping No Go Zones
  14. 13 Editing your Map
  15. 14 Deleting Parts of Your Map
  16. 15 Setting a Mowing Task
  17. 16 Testing Your Borders
  18. 17 Changing the Manual Travel Speed
  19. 18 Travel Home Direct or Around Borders
  20. 19 Multi point or Zero Turn
  21. 20 Turn Off On the robot Side Lights
  22. 21 Turn Off On Rain Delay
  23. 22 Turn Off On toe robot Voice Notifications
  24. 23 Turn Off On Satellite Image Underlay Map
  25. 24 Changing Metric vs Imperial Units
  26. 25 Using Manual Mowing Mode
  27. 26 Understanding POS Status Page
  28. 27 Relocating the Charging Station
  29. 28 Relocating the RTK BASE Antenna

Tips & tricks category

Content in this category

  1.  Cleaning Under Blade Guard and Disc
  2. more coming!

Repairs category

Content in this category

  1.  Removing the top cover screws

  2. Installing a Bluetooth Tracker

  3. Internal Component Description

  4. Removing Top Cover

  5. Reinstall Cover Screws

  6. Reinstall Top Cover

  7. Replace Battery

  8. Replace front drive motors or front Axle

  9. more coming!


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