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Experience effortless lawn care with ECOVACS, the leader in intelligent robotic mowers. The innovative GOAT G1 easily tackles small gardens, freeing you to relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

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Solves the Age-old Problems of Traditional Lawn Mowing

ECOVACS Robotic Vision
Revolutionary Localization Solution

TrueMapping Multi-fusion Localization System to achieve Centimeter-level Precision

GOAT G1 Binocular Vision Localization System

360° panoramic camera and a fish-eye camera with 150° visual angle for an effective visible range of up to 100 meters.
Real-time scanning at 25 frames per second for accurate ambient awareness.


Visual Angle


frames per second

Real-Time Scanning



Effective Visible Range

Integrating UWB, Inertial Navigation and GPS Localization Technology

Localized with ultra-wideband wireless carrier wave communication, inertial navigation and GPS. So, you never have to worry about blocked and lost signals by houses and trees.

G1 Boundary Setting
Has Never Been So Easy

Ecovacs robot mower app

In-app Boundary Setting No More Manual Boundary Cable Laying

Quick and efficient setting of cutting boundaries via ECOVACS APP control.
Frame a standard garden in just 20 minutes. *2
*2. As per ECOVACS simulated laboratory testing, it only takes 20 minutes for G1 to complete a 600m² courtyard boundary setting. Actual usage shall prevail.


recise Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance
Efficient & Pleasant Mowing Experience

Precise Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance Bringing a Highly Efficient and Pleasant Mowing Experience

Clear boundaries, precise positioning and accurate navigation. Together with the perfectly uniform stripe logical cutting system, G1 can adapt to diverse landforms. With more uniform, efficient and leak-free cutting G1 mows a 600m² garden in just one day.*3
Ecovacs robot lawn mower mowing pattern

GOAT G1 AIVI 3D Algorithm to Perform Accurate Obstacle Avoidance

GOAT G1’s stress-free mowing accurately avoids common obstacles like trees, furniture, pedestrians, hedgehogs and pets.
A specially designed algorithm for outdoor usage, powered by a self-driving AI chip, ECOVACS in-house vision and ToF sensor, makes your mowing safer and smoother than ever before.

Vision and ToF Sensor
Self-driving AI Chip
Ecovacs robotic lawn mower
Ecovacs robotic lawn mower vision

Caring. Perceptive. Intelligent. G1 is not just a Lawn Mower. It is also A Garden Keeper

A Robotic Garden Keeper to Keep You Safe

Ecovacs robot mower security

Ecovacs Reliable Gardening Security

Binocular cameras capture real-time courtyard images to provide all-around protection. Your data stays safe and secure with TüV Rheinland-certified data protection.

Ecovacs Lawn mower Videos

All robotic lawnmowers are tested by us to ensure to our customers the best service and to provide the best advice on robot recommendations.

consumer grade equipment

Wireless Ecovacs robot mowers

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