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Mammotion Luba on Rough Terrain

Mammotion Luba: performance under trees coverage and different terrains

Discover the remarkable off-road capabilities of the Mammotion Luba AWD5000 in this video test. Jason takes Luba through various challenging terrains, showcasing its ability to navigate slopes, rough surfaces, and obstacles. In this blog post, we summarize the key features observed during the testing, highlighting Luba’s performance and limitations.

Key Features of the Luba AWD5000:

  1. Impressive Climbing Ability
    Luba effortlessly tackles slopes and inclines, demonstrating its remarkable climbing capability. With a steady speed and proper momentum, it can conquer steep angles, surpassing expectations for a robot mower.
  2. Exceptional Ground Clearance
    Equipped with extra clearance on the sides, Luba handles terrain features up to 15 centimetres high without difficulty. It smoothly maneuvers over obstacles, maintaining its course as long as the bump sensor doesn’t activate.
  3. Belly-Out Limitations
    When Luba bottoms out or gets stuck on its belly, mobility becomes a challenge. It’s crucial to avoid areas where the robot may get wedged, especially when turning around. However, on mostly even surfaces, Luba continues to perform exceptionally well.
  4. Optimal Speed for Rough Terrain
    Maintaining a moderate speed is key for Luba’s successful navigation on rough ground. When moving too quickly, it can still traverse holes and bumps but may experience temporary belly-down situations.
  5. Surprising Adaptability
    Luba proves to be highly adaptable to various rough terrains. Whether it’s bumpy, uneven ground or steep inclines, this robot mower remains reliable, delivering efficient performance.


The Mammotion Luba AWD5000 showcases its prowess on rough terrain, offering an impressive combination of climbing ability, ground clearance, and adaptability. While it’s essential to prevent belly-out situations to ensure uninterrupted operation, Luba proves itself as a capable machine for challenging environments. Whether you need to mow rough patches or traverse uneven ground, the Luba AWD5000 is up to the task.

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