The key to the success of your Robot Lawn Mower is the installation of your perimeter wire and base station. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have your robot installed professionally. Typical domestic properties of small to medium lawn size can suit a DIY installation. As long as you follow the guidelines set in the instruction manuals you can have your Robot Lawn Mower set up and running within a few hours. Of course we are right here if you need guidance or advise before, during or after installation.

If your lawn size is larger or you simply just don’t want to take on the installation yourself, we are alway happy to provide you with a fixed quote and install and set up the whole thing for you. We can install your perimeter wire either just under the grass with a lawn edging machine, or on larger installations we will install the wire with our purpose made wire installation machine that will lay the wire 5cm under the ground. Both installation types will leave minimal damage to your lawn.

Things to Consider.

When you are making your decision to either DIY install or have Robot Lawn Mowers Australia provide a full professional installation, there a few thing to consider;

~How big is your lawn? What is the total square meterage and what is the total perimeter length required?
~Is your lawn all in one area? Or will you require your mower to operate in multiple zones and areas?
~Do you have the right tools for the job?
~Do you want your perimeter wire installed on top of the ground or 5cm under the ground?
~Have you read the installation manual and do you understand the basic principle of how your Robot Lawn Mower operates?
~Do you have the time to complete the installation yourself?


Robot Lawn Mowers Australia will alway recommend you have your new robot friend professionally installed as we are not aware of your capability to install the mower to its correct specifications. However if you cover the items to be considered above and are confident you can handle the task, then we will support your decision with professional over the phone or email advice.

We do strongly recommend professional installation if your total lawn size is greater than 1500m2. Installations of this size can become complicated and not to mention, a lot of work to install perimeter wire manually. We have a lot of tips and tricks to help your robot lawn mower maintain your lawn in the most efficient and trouble free way.

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