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Luba 2 First Look Thumbnail

Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD – First Look

In this video we have received our first Luba 2 model so we can show you the actual changes from Luba 1 to Luba 2 models.
We talk about some of the smaller changes as well, like the sloped grass shoot and the higher grade screws being used.
We also cover the major changes as well and compare some of these with the Luba 1 model.

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Worx Vision on base

Worx Landroid Vision – First Review

In this video we reveiw the latest Worx Landriod Vison robotic lawn mower.
We look at the installaiton and set process for a basic single area and also what is required to set up the Vision over multiple areas.

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Worx Vision unboxing

Worx Landroid Vision – Unboxing

In this video we unbox the lasted Robot Mower from Worx Landroid.
We discuss what is known currently about the robot and it functions.
This is the first 100% vision based robot lawn mower to be released in Australia.

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