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MoeBot offers a range of automatic lawnmowers designed to keep your garden looking its best, without you lifting a finger. Whether you have a small courtyard or a sprawling backyard, there’s a MoeBot to keep your grass neat and healthy, all while you relax.

MoeBot Robot Mower

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MoeBot Robot lawnmowers can mow your lawn daily keeping the grass at your desired cutting height whilst helping to reduce weeds and keeping the lawn greener.

You’ll never have to mow again with MoeBot’s line of automatic robotic mowers. We have a MoeBot to fit any size or budget.

MoeBot provides a variety of mowers that can handle tiny backyards up to 1,400 SQM.

Moebot Robot Mower FAQs

MoeBots Lawnmowers are safe, eco-friendly, and fully autonomous. They only require a perimeter wire installation around all the areas to be mowed. 

Once the installation is finalized, your MoeBot robot mower will be scheduled to cut and return home to recharge by itself with no input from you at all.


The perimeter or boundary wire function is to communicate to the robotic mower where your lawn boundaries are.

The charging station emits a signal through the boundary wire, so when the MoeBot lawn mower approaches the boundary, it stops and goes back the other way.

Moreover, when the MoeBot robotic mower is low in battery, it will first find the boundary wire and then follow it to return to the charging station.

There are two options for the installation of the perimeter wire around the edges of your lawn. One option is to peg the boundary wire to the grass. The second option is to bury the wire approximately 5cm deep, by cutting a small slit in the ground.

If possible, we recommend initially pegging the wire down to ensure that the MoeBot lawnmower is running flawlessly over the space for a few days or a week, and then bury it if you wish to bury the perimeter wire.


Yes, all Moebot models can start mowing from 4 separate locations. The MoeBot mower will locate these areas by following the installed perimeter wire to the set location.

If a zone that requires mowing is inaccessible for the robotic mower, the boundary wire can still be installed around this and connected to the main boundary wire loop. Then, the robot can be placed manually in this area to continue mowing.

See closed and open loops.

Yes. Victa robots will finalise the mowing by following its boundary wire. Due to the blade system being located in the centre of the robotic mower, there will be some uncut grass around the edges of your lawn. This uncut grass is minimal, but you will still need to use a line trimmer in some areas.
If you have level concrete or paved edging on your lawn boundary, the Victa robotic mower will travel with one wheel on the hard edge and another on the lawn during the boundary mow.
This allows the robotic mower to cut to the edges in this situation.

Read more.

MoeBot robotic mowers use straight cutting patterns which have been proven to be the most efficient way to reach all areas of your lawns.

Cutting patterns are calculated by an algorithm, which might seem random, yet, this method ensures that your entire lawn is mowed even in the tightest spaces.

Additionally, If your MoeBot mower senses longer grass it will start a spiral cutting pattern which is the most efficient way to cut grass and conserve battery power.

The main benefit of robotic mowers is that they will cut your lawn more often than you would and keep the grass perfectly mowed all year round.

It is best to allow your robotic mower to cover your ENTIRE lawn 2-3 times a week during the peak growing season in Australia. MoeBot robot mowers have a programable schedule feature that lets the lawnmower work when you want it to.

Otherwise, you can work out the number of hours per week needed for your MoeBot to cut your lawn by a simple calculation:

Lawn size in m2 / m2 per hour your robot model mows = time required to cut the grass of your entire lawn

*For this example, the lawn size is 300m2 and the robotic model is a MoeBot S5 or S10 that mows approximately 40m2 per hour.

300m2 / 40m2 = 8 hours to cut the grass off the entire lawn.

During peak growing season, multiply this number by 3:

8 hours x 3 = 24 hours mowing per week

It is best to have your robot mow every day or every second day in peak growing periods. So, you can schedule the robotic mower to mow for either 3.5 hours every day or 7 hours every second day.

* The above calculation is only a guide as different shaped lawns will take different durations to trim.

For all robot lawn mowers, we recommend that you don’t exceed 70% of the robot’s maximum capacity to get the best cutting results in a reasonable time frame.

Mowing to the highest capacity of any robot lawn mower is possible, but you will expect the robot to work for 10 hours or more a day, excluding charging times.

It is IMPORTANT to notice that every robot lawn mower has 3 different slope ratings.

Maximum Permissible Slope – It determines the highest gradient value that the robot can manage. The highest slope should only be in a small part of your lawn and it should be well inside your perimeter wire.
Maximum Consistent slope – If most of your lawn is sloped, this should be the maximum slope gradient value of your lawn.
Maximum edge slope – This is the most important rating, is the maximum slope allowed within 1 metre of your boundary wire.

* These ratings are the maximum allowable ratings on a perfectly manicured lawn surface. So lawn areas with rough or uneven surfaces, and thick or deep grass (>30mm deep when cut) will need to be factored into your maximum slope ratings.

Find out how to measure slope gradient here.

Thick grasses like newly laid Buffalo and Kikuyu can be difficult for some robot mower to travel on.

If you notice that your lawn is more than 40mm in height when freshly mowed, keep it in mind when choosing a mower. Newly laid or grown grass are usually deeper than older established grass.

Also, lawns that are heavily thatched underneath can also cause the grass to be too deep and spongy. Deep spongy grass is also difficult for the robot mower to maintain traction.

If your lawn is under 40mm in height when freshly mowed, then most robot mowers will be able to travel on them easily.

For the best advice on this, please send a photo of your lawn to us to provide you with the best advice on what robot mowers are suitable.

MoeBot Robot Mower Features

How MoeBot Cuts

MoeBot cuts your grass into a fine mulch that helps fertilize your lawn, making it greener and meaning no more grass clippings to pick up.

Edges & Driveways

Your MoeBot can follow your boundary line to complete an edge cut.

If your garden is segmented by driveways or paths, secondary mowing areas can be created as well as passages for your MoeBot to transition into another area.

Obstacles & Garden Beds

Integrated bump sensors allow the MoeBot to navigate around unexpected obstacles. The robot will touch the obstacle and change direction.

Safety & Security

Your MoeBot will shut off automatically if picked up accidently. 

Your MoeBot is protected by a pin-code you set, plus if someone picks up your MoeBot, you are immediately alerted via the APP.

Rain - No Problem

MoeBot is waterproof and can operate in the rain. However, in heavy rain it is recommended you park Moe under shelter. 

Remember, rain makes the ground soggy and muddy, this can lead to Moe getting stuck. 

Easy to Use App

You can program your MoeBot within seconds to mow your lawn on different days, times and areas.

MoeBot can mow up to 5 different working areas, ensuring that all areas of your garden get the desired attention they deserve.


MoeBot requires very little maintenance and most maintenance you can complete yourself.

  • Replace blades.
  • Brush off grass and dirt.
  • Use warm water and clean with a micro fibre cloth occasionally.
  • Replace battery every 1- 3 years (can be done by your dealer).

It’s that simple and very cost-effective, plus great for the environment.

All robotic lawnmowers are tested by us to ensure to our customers the best service and to provide the best advice on robot recommendations.


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