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Ambrogio L400 Series

The two models are also equipped with the new ZCS Connect module to connect and interact with Ambrogio every time and everywhere.

The Ambrogio L400 series are high-end robot lawnmowers that can maintain large and complex lawns with ease. It has an advanced navigation system that enables it to navigate around obstacles and handle inclines up to 45%. The L400i also has a powerful lithium-ion battery that can mow up to 20,000 square meters of grass.

Its multiple mowing zones feature allows it to mow different areas of your lawn with different settings, and it can handle irregularly shaped lawns. You can control the L400 with a mobile app that offers customizable mowing schedules and real-time tracking. With its precision cutting and intelligent features, the Ambrogio L400 series is a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining a beautiful lawn while freeing up your time.

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