Worx Landroid Radio Link

Why RadioLink.

Landroid’s AI uses cloud computing and relies on a good Wi-Fi
connection for auto-scheduling and for Over-The-Air software
updates. Regular domestic Wi-Fi networks typically only cover a
fraction of the entire garden—RadioLink solves this.

How it Works

RadioLink establishes a bomb-proof
radio connectivity that extends as
much as 1km away from your Wi-Fi
router, regardless of walls or other

A trusted

Reliable and utilising very low power
consumption, the sub-GHz radio
technology used by RadioLink is also
used for long distance communication
in disaster zones when telecom infrastructures
have been destroyed. It is widely used in
satellites too.


RadioLink comes in two parts and is
plug and play. Just connect the
transmitter to your router, even if it
does not have Wi-Fi, place the
receiver onboard your Landroid, and
it’s ready to go. No need for pairing
processes, typing long serial
numbers and Wi-Fi passwords.

Supercharge your Landroid with more options.

Make it your own, and Choose your options.

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