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Worx landroid robots

Worx Landroid robot mower is a best seller in Australia. With smart navigation and AI, it adapts to your lawn size. Perfect for small-medium-sized gardens.

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Worx landroid robot lawn mowers

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Worx robot lawnmowers cut right to the edges of your lawn, minimising your need for line trimming (watch cut to edges video). Additionally,  Its intelligent auto-scheduling precisely knows the best time to mow. Moreover, its unique navigation technology won’t wear repetitive tracks on your lawn. Also, the grass clippings are so short that you will never need to rake them, consequently, they fall into the soil and fertilise your lawn naturally. Lastly, Landroid robot mowers are fully configurable with five options to customise to your needs. Watch a video on how to customise your Landroid

Worx Landroid FAQs

Robot Lawn Mowers are safe, eco-friendly, and fully autonomous. They only require a perimeter wire installation around all the areas to be mowed.

Once the installation is finalized, your robot mower will be scheduled to mow and return home to recharge by itself with no input from you at all.

The perimeter or boundary wire function communicates to the robot mower where your lawn boundaries are.

The charging station emits a signal through the boundary wire, so when the robot mower approaches the boundary, it stops and goes back the other way.

Moreover, when the robot is low on battery, it will first find the boundary wire and then follow it to return to the charging station.

There are two options for the installation of the perimeter wire around the edges of your lawn. One option is to peg the boundary wire to the grass. The second option is to bury the wire approximately 5cm deep, by cutting a small slit in the ground.

If possible, we recommend initially pegging the wire down to ensure that the robot lawn mower is running flawlessly over the space for a few days or a week, and then bury it if you wish to bury the perimeter wire.


Yes, all Worx Landroid models can start mowing from 4 separate locations. The Robot will locate these areas by following the installed perimeter wire to the set location.

If a zone that requires mowing is inaccessible for the robot, the boundary wire can still be installed around this and connected to the main boundary wire loop. Then, the robot can be placed manually in this area to continue mowing.

See closed and open loops.

Yes, Worx Landroid robot mowers are the only robots that can cut to the edges of your lawn. The special offset blade of the Landroid gets as close as possible to the border of your lawn. Read more.

Worx Landroid has a unique cutting pattern that reduces the average mowing time. While most robot mowers reverse and turn when reaching the borders, the Landroid robot simply reaches the border and gracefully turns in another direction.

Landroid patterns are calculated by an algorithm, which might seem random, yet, this method ensures that your entire lawn is mowed even in the tightest spaces.

Watch Landroid Pattern Video

The main benefit of robot mowers is that they will mow your lawn more often than you would and keep the grass perfectly mowed all year round.

It is best to allow your robot to cover your ENTIRE lawn 2-3 times a week during the peak growing season in Australia. All Worx Landroid models have an automatic schedule feature that lets the robot work this all out for you.

Otherwise, you can work out the number of hours per week needed to mow your lawn by a simple calculation:

Lawn size in m2 / m2 per hour your robot model mows = time required to mow the entire lawn

*For this example, the lawn size is 300m2 and the robot model is a Worx Landroid WR150E that mows 85m2 per hour.

300m2 / 85m2 = 3.5 hours to mow the entire lawn.

During peak growing season, multiply this number by 3:

3.5 hours x 3 = 10.5 hours mowing per week

It is best to have your robot mowing either every day or every second day during peak growing periods. So, you can schedule the robot to mow for either 1.5 hours every day or 3 hours every second day.
The above calculation is only a guide as different-shaped lawns will take different durations to mow.


Worx Landroid offers 3 robot mower models covering areas from 500m2 to 1500m2.

For all robot lawnmowers, we recommend that you don’t exceed 70% of the robot’s maximum capacity, so you get the best cutting results in a reasonable time frame. Mowing to the highest capacity of any robot lawn mower is possible but, you will expect the robot to be working for 10 hours or more a day excluding charging times.

Unique to the Worx Landroid is the ability to change your battery cheaply and easily to the same size or a larger battery up to 6ah. Increasing the battery will increase the capacity of the robot mower.

It is IMPORTANT to notice that every robot lawnmower has 3 different slope ratings.

Maximum Permissible Slope – It determines the highest gradient value that the robot can manage. The highest slope should only be in a small part of your lawn and it should be well inside your perimeter wire.

Maximum Consistent slope – If most of your lawn is sloped, this should be your property’s maximum slope gradient value.

Maximum edge slope – This is the most important rating, which is the maximum slope allowed within 1 metre of your boundary wire.

* These ratings are the maximum allowable ratings on a perfectly manicured lawn surface. So lawn areas with rough or uneven surfaces and thick or deep grass (>30mm deep when cut) will need to be factored into your maximum slope ratings.

Find out how to measure the gradient of the slopes here.

Thick grasses like newly laid Buffalo and Kikuyu can be difficult for some robot mowers to travel on.

If you notice that your lawn is more than 40mm in height when freshly mowed, keep it in mind when choosing a mower. Newly laid or grown grass are usually deeper than older established grass.

Also, lawns that are heavily thatched underneath can cause the grass to be too deep and spongy. Deep spongy grass is also difficult for robot mowers to maintain traction.

If your lawn is under 40mm in height t when freshly mowed, then most robot mowers will be able to travel on them easily.

For the best advice on this, please send a photo of your lawn to us to provide you with the best advice on what robot mowers are suitable.

Robot Lawn Mowers Australia Reviews all Worx Landroid robot mower

All robotic lawn mowers are tested by us to ensure to our customers the best service and to provide the best advice on robot recommendations.

Worx Landroid DIY Installation Video

Watch the video to discover Worx Landroid installation step by step. You will learn about the following: 

  • Landroid installation plan
  • How to properly place the charging base
  • How to lay down the boundary wire
  • How to set up an island
  • How to connect Landroid to Wi-Fi
  • How to set up a Multi-zone 
Worx Landroid Intelligent


Landroid knows what’s best for your lawn

Worx Landroid intelligent robots can autonomously decide how to mow your lawn. With cloud computing, it fine-tunes mowing cycles according to the actual growth rate of your grass. NOESIS technology needs No settings, No programming and No guesswork. 

The science behind your best lawn ever.

A multitude of factors influences the growth rate of your grass. Landroid combines them all to determine the best treatment for your lawn. Day in and day out. 


The most influential factor for grass growth.


Grass grows more as sun radiation becomes stronger and the days become longer.

Water Supply

Watering during hot summer days builds strong roots and keeps grass from turning brown. 

Grass species

Each species has its own growth rate and seasonality.

Soil composition

Clay soils retain water, while sandy soils favour drainage. 

Frequency of cuts

Frequent mowing promotes high shoot density and vertical leaf growth. 


Regular fertilization during growing seasons keeps the lawn well-fed. 

Landroid Intelligent learns from you.

No matter how clever it is, your robot mower still needs to get some information from you. It’s a matter of seconds thanks to the app.

Try before you buy.

Download the app for free and experience Landroid before buying it.

Worx Landroid app settings

Grass species

In the app, tick the box corresponding to the grass on your lawn. Not sure? Follow the tutorial. 


Is it Sandy, Clay or Mixed? Don’t know? Assess it in a few playful steps.


Let Landroid know if you have a permanent irrigation system.


Tell Landroid if you regularly fertilize your lawn.

Size and shape.

Determine the amount of time Landroid needs to cover the lawn area.

Landroid knows about the weather.

Connected Landroid robot mowers receive pinpoint climate information — rainfall, temperature, sunlight and forecast — from the closest local weather station. 

weather-forecast (2)

Putting everything together.

Cloud computing combines data and builds a specific algorithm that’s delivered to each individual Landroid daily. It’s this degree of accuracy that gives you the perfect lawn. 

Your lawn at your fingertips.

Way more than a remote control: the app is your interface with the Worx Landroid ecosystem. 

Want to know the size of your lawn?

Download the app for free and measure it in Guest Mode — no purchase of Landroid required.

Connected Landroid App

Worx Landroid app settings

* This feature works with all smartphones with AR-enabled hardware.

Accurate measurement of your lawn

With augmented reality* you get the exact size of your lawn by simply taking a walk around it.


Fine tune the schedule to your wishes.

Review and manually adjust Landroid’s auto-scheduling settings at any time. If you want to.

Performance Dashboard

See how Landroid has been doing lately thanks to the dashboard’s statistics.


Anything that requires your attention is promptly notified to you by the app.

Worx Landroid AIA Technology



The new intelligent Worx Landroid with AIA technology automatically knows what’s best for your lawn every day. It adapts to the size and shape of your lawn and the growth rate of your grass. It learns continuously from our fleet of thousands of connected robot mowers and regularly updates itself. It’s agile, safe, accurate and packed with customizable features.

The most agile and efficient robot mower

Using AIA technology, the Worx Landroid mows your lawn more efficiently than conventional robotic lawnmowers. As the most agile robot lawnmower on the market, it simply runs through narrow passages that other robots can not tackle. 

Simply faster, simply smarter.

When they reach the border, conventional robot mowers change routes with trial and error. Mostly error. Landroid does it right the first time. Every time. 

Worx landroid turning straight

Landroid turns.

Landroid makes intelligent turns each time it reaches the border of your lawn.

Generic robot with wondering turn

Others wander.

Stop, reverse, stop, turn, move forward. Repeat. Eventually, they find the right direction. Eventually.

Your lawn deserves efficiency.

Don’t let other robot mowers wear your grass with repetitive roaming and unneeded back-and-forth maneuvers at the borders. Landroid robot navigates your lawn with confidence thanks to its unique AIA technology.

BBQ friendly

Landroid robot gets the job done faster than other robotic mowers, leaving more time for you to enjoy your lawn with family and friends.

Family having BBQ

Landroid handles narrow passages without a wire

Other robotic lawnmowers cannot handle narrow passages without a guide wire. Landroid robot always finds their way through narrow passages. Even better, it mows the passages rather than just passing through them. 

AIA technology understands that your unique garden

Our AIA technology is designed to handle even the most complex garden. Landroid robot easily mows between your flowerbeds, the corridor that sets your swimming pool apart from the patio, and the narrow passage that connects your front yard to your back yard.

Beautiful Lawn with Landroid



Landroid Robot’s daily mowing boosts the density of grass blades and effectively prevents the propagation of weeds. Its intelligent auto-scheduling precisely knows the best time to mow. Its unique navigation technology won’t wear repetitive tracks on your lawn. The grass clippings are so short you will never need to rake them—they fall to the soil and fertilise your lawn naturally.

The smell of freshly mown grass. Every day.

Give your lawn what it deserves—healthy grass and an amazing appearance. Whether you have a simple lawn or a complex multi-layered one with flowerbeds, rough terrain or slopes, a Landroid robot mower will help you achieve perfection. No head will be left unturned. No cut to edges to trim.



Unveiling the secret to a perfect lawn

Robots may be at the cutting edge of mowers, but few actually deal with your lawn’s edge. The special offset blade of Landroid M and L models gets as close as possible to the border of your lawn, leaving you little or no trimming to do.

Worx Landroid Beatiful Lawn Features

Virtually invisible, the sleek charging station of the new Landroid sits on a grid that allows grass to grow through it.

Kick the clutter
Stealth charging station

Worx Landroid robot lawnmower - feature quite work

Petrol mowers can get as loud as 100dB and require ear protection. Worx Landroid is so quiet your neighbours will never complain.

Quieter Neighborhood
Sound of Silence

Worx Landroid robot lawnmower - feature stop blades for safety

The blade disk stops spinning immediately if the robot gets lifted off the ground.

Safety first
Safer than the standards

Worx Landroid robot lawnmower - feature grass height adjust

Grass length is a matter of personal taste. Adjusting Landroid’s cutting height to your favourite length is as easy as turning a dial.

Cut height adjust
As long as you want

Worx Landroid robot lawnmower - feature slope

Landroid’s advanced inertia sensing technology provides real-time information on drift, inclination and speed to accurately control the wheels’ torque. Uphill and down.

Uneven lawns
At home even on the slopes

All-weather design
Survives everything the sky dishes out

Worx Landroid robot lawnmower - feature all weather

Landroid is happy to be outside in any weather. But when it rains, it knows mowing could damage your turf, so it stops and doesn’t start until the grass has dried.

customise your robot

ACS - Anti–Collision System configuration

Slalom obstacles others crash into

Conventional robotic mowers bump into obstacles. Configure your Landroid with ACS system with auto–pilot technology that steers to avoid the obstacles.

Why Anti–Collision System

Conventional robotic mowers are blind. They bump into objects and can easily get lost. Daily bumps also damage your trees, plants and outdoor furniture.
A Landroid fitted with the ACS option avoids all this:  it steers effortlessly through obstacles.

How It works

Landroid uses automotive-grade
ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles.
Using this object awareness, Landroid’s
auto-pilot technology steers to avoid them.

ACS installation

Installing the ACS accessory is easy
as driving a pair of screws.
Landroid automatically recognizes
the new module and behaves accordingly.
No setting needed: it’s that smart!

Off Limits configuration

Ring-fence areas

Customise your Landroid robot mower with the Off Limits option to create a boundary around areas of your lawn without the need to connect with your main boundary wire.

Why Off Limits

People who don’t like complicated technology. People who don’t use smartphones or don’t have Wi-Fi at home. People who need glasses to read manuals. People who get lost hitting small keys on a machine. Or just those of us who like things easy.

How It works

The Off Limits option comes in two pieces: a sensor to be installed onboard your Landroid, and a reel of digital fence strip to surround forbidden areas. The strip does not need to be connected to the perimeter wire, nor to be powered. It works with a magnetic force that the sensor detects.

Off Limits installation

Just place the Off Limits sensor onboard your Landroid and surround areas with digital fence strip.

Consumer grade equipment

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