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In this video Jason discusses the reasons that you can get an E1 Wire Missing Error. We discuss how this is caused by your boundary wire having a resistance of more than 10 Ohms.
Once your boundary wire has a resistance of more than 100-200 ohms then the robot will not work properly and can display erratic behaviours.
Robot may not follow the wire correctly and the robot may not move more than a meter or two away from the boundary wire. In the middle of the lawn the robot will display the E1 wire missing error.
We also discuss that the light on the base station of the Worx Landroid robots will only turn red after the resistance of the wire is more than 20,000 ohms or 20 k ohms. But the robot will begin to have erratic behaviours and may stop all together once the resistance is more than 100-200 ohms.

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