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Why I Still Have this wired Worx Landroid Robot Mower


The following text discusses the reasons for retaining a wired Worx Landroid robot mower in a backyard, emphasizing its key features and advantages. This includes its reliability, ability to cut close to the edge, and cost-effectiveness compared to newer wireless technology alternatives. The transcript touches upon the model variations and their performance. The central theme revolves around the benefits of using a Worx Landroid on a specific lawn.

Key Features of Wired Worx Landroid Robot Mower:

1. Range of Models:

  • The wired Worx Landroid robot mower series comprises several models, each designed for various lawn sizes and requirements. These models include the W139, W140, W149, and WR150.
  • Model W139 can handle lawns up to 500 square meters, running on a 2-hour battery and charging in about an hour.
  • The W149e model boasts full waterproofing and a 4-amp hour battery, running for 2 hours but taking 3 hours to charge.
  • The W140e is similar to the W149e but features a 4-amp hour battery and a fast charger.
  •  The WR150e is a larger model capable of mowing 1500 square meters, utilizing a 4-amp hour battery and fast charging. It runs for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes, charging in just an hour.

2. Mowing Performance:

  • The wired Worx Landroid models like W139, W140, and W149 can mow around 40 to 45 square meters of grass per hour.
  • The larger wired Worx Landroid WR150 model can mow approximately 85 square meters per hour.
  • While manufacturer specifications may not provide these details, field tests reveal their efficiency.

3. Close-Edge Cutting:

  • The standout feature of the wired Worx Landroid is its ability to cut exceptionally close to the edge. It employs an offset blade system, leaving only about 3 cm of uncut grass between the edge and the robot.
  • This ensures precise lawn maintenance, even against hard edges or obstacles.

4. Reliability:

  • Worx Landroid robots are known for their remarkable reliability. They can operate consistently without frequent human intervention. 
  • These robots have proven their durability, with some models running for years without any major issues.

5. Cost-Effective Solution:

  • Compared to newer wireless technology alternatives, the wired Worx Landroid is significantly more affordable.
  • The initial installation, including boundary wire setup, is a straightforward process, and once complete, it requires minimal upkeep.

6. Warranty and Customer Support:

  • Worx Landroid is backed by an efficient warranty system with a remarkably low claim rate. This reflects the reliability of the machines.
  • The company, Positec, that owns Worx Landroid, is known for its transparency and customer-friendly support, making repairs and warranty claims hassle-free.

7. Appropriate for Compact Yards:

  • In compact yards where wireless robot mowers may struggle with satellite reception due to structural interference, Worx Landroid robots, including the wired Worx Landroid, wireless Ecovacs G1 and Worx Landroid Vision, operate effectively.


Retaining a Worx Landroid robot mower in a backyard offers numerous advantages, such as close-edge cutting, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. These machines are designed to handle various lawn sizes and perform consistently over time. For those seeking a dependable and efficient lawn maintenance solution, the Worx Landroid remains a top choice.

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