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LUBA AWD Series is a robot mower that doesn’t need a perimeter wire to mow your lawn, making it the only one of its kind. It can work on large, complex lawns of up to 5000 square meters.

Quick setup: LUBA mowers use RTK GNSS navigation and virtual-mapping systems to mow your lawn without the need for a perimeter wire. This makes installation quick and easy, and it also allows you to mow larger lawns without having to worry about running out of wire.
All-wheel drive: LUBA mowers have all-wheel drive, which allows them to mow on slopes up to 75%. This makes them ideal for homes with uneven terrain.
Autonomous mowing: LUBA robot mowers can mow your lawn autonomously, without any input from you. They use a variety of sensors to avoid obstacles and to map your lawn, so you can rest assured that they will mow your lawn safely and efficiently.
App control: You can control your LUBA robot using the Mammotion app. The app allows you to set mowing schedules, view mowing history, and get notifications about the status of your mower.

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