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LUBA 2 AWD 5000 Wireless Robot Lawn Mower

$4,799.00 (AUD$ Including GST)

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LUBA 2 3000, 5000, 10000 specs

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Brand: Mammotion


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LUBA 2 AWD 5000: Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower

LUBA 2 AWD is the second generation Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower that can handle complex lawns up to 5000 m2  with 80% slope (38 Deg).




LUBA 2 AWD 5000 Quick Setup with No Perimeter Wire

No Boundaries, No Worries

Drive LUBA like a remote control car to set the virtual boundaries.

Our 3D Vision & RTK Fusion-mapping System guarantees precise positioning and boundary compliance, eliminating the need for wires.

Multi-Zone Management

You can also set multiple mowing zones with varying cutting heights and schedules for each zone.

Luba will traverse automatically between them.

No Go Zone Management

Setting up no-mow zones for areas that do not require mowing, Luba will strictly avoid those designated areas.


Experience Hassle-free Lawn Care Even When You’re on Holiday

Adjust Cutting Height

Customize your ideal cutting height for different mowing zones. Based on specific requirements. Cutting height adjustable from 25-70mm

Choose Mowing Modes

Planned mowing modes such as Parallel, Checkboard, and Diamond Grid, are available on Mammotion APP. Choose a clean and well-defined stripe for your lawn. (More modes will be updated via FOTA)

Set Mowing Schedule

Set a mowing schedule for your lawn, and LUBA will provide labour-free lawn care 24/7, following the schedule you have defined.

Check Mower Status

With 4G / Wifi / Bluetooth connectivity, you can track LUBA’s status and manage LUBA’s mowing task anytime, anywhere through the Mammotion app.



When Others Get Stuck, LUBA Prevails


Steep Slopes, Potholes, Rough Terrain & Thick Tall Grasses.

Unmatched Structural Engineering Perfection

All-Wheel-Drive System

With the patented All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) System, Luba delivers exceptional climbing capability, conquering steep slopes of up to 80% (38.6 deg).


Equipped with omni-wheels, Luba effortlessly performs in-place turns causing no damage to the grass.

Adaptive Suspension Arm

With its innovative adaptive suspension arms, Luba can overcome obstacles as high as 50mm.


0 Corner Missed with Fusion-mapping System

3D Vision Positioning Technology

The 3D Vision module is equipped with deep learning capabilities, enabling intelligent boundary recognition.


Enhanced RTK Signal Coverage

The RTK-GNSS Positioning Technology ensures centimetre-level accuracy with an enhanced signal coverage range of up to 5 kilometres



Flawless Navigation on Any Challenging Lawn

Dense Shade, Narrow areas, Angled corners & unfenced lawns


66% Higher Efficiency

than the Second-best


Dual Disc Cutting

Featuring a unique dual-blade disk design, Luba offers a cutting width of 400mm (15.7 inches), ensuring both efficiency and precise trimming.


Planned Route Mode

Utilising patented algorithms, Luba automatically optimises mowing paths for different areas, ensuring efficient cutting while leaving behind a beautiful stipped lawn.


Powerful Battery & Auto Charging

Luba’s lithium battery has sufficient capacity to allow for 180 minutes of continuous operation and the ability to mow up to 500m2 per hour. When the battery level is low, Luba autonomously returns to the charging station.


Seamless Cutting Resumption

Experience uninterrupted mowing with Luba. After automatically recharging, Luba seamlessly resumes mowing where it last left off, ensuring a consistently well-maintained lawn.



Unleash Lawn Artistry with Lawn Printing Technology

In the Mammotion APP, you can choose different mowing patterns and create custom designs.LUBA uses advanced algorithms to adjust the mowing route cutting height and angle, ensuring precise mowing of desired lawn patterns.



Leading the Way in Safe & Secure Lawn Maintenance

Enhanced Safety Design

Physical Stop Button
– Security Key
– Lift/Tilt Sensor
– Blade Halts during Abnormal Situation

Triple-reductant Obstacle Avoidance

LUBA employs a triple-redundant obstacle avoidance system, incorporating 3D Vision, ultrasonic radar, and a physical bumper. These components are strategically arranged in a geometric configuration, ensuring zero blind spots in the forward and lateral directions. This comprehensive setup provides multi-layered safety protection for your family and pets.


Embrace Smart Yard Security: Real-Time Monitoring for Peace of Mind.


Worry-free with Intelligent Security and Tracking Features

App Notification – Receive APP notification if LUBA exceeds designated mowing zones

GPS Tracking – Track LUBA’s location in real-time in the Mammotion APP using GPS tracking.

Ownership Authentication – The first user to activate the device becomes the rightful owner and can grant access to family members. LUBA supports a “lost” feature, preventing unauthorized use.

Geofence Alarm – The alarm will be automatically triggered when LUBA is moved out of the geofence.

AirTag Compatibility – Reserve a spot on LUBA for an AirTag. Add an option AirTag to secure your LUBA for added peace of mind *Note: AirTag is omitted and must be purchased separately.



Care for Your Lawn, Care for the Earth

Solar-powerd RTK (optional)



Explore More Exciting Features


Whisper-Quiet Noise Level

During operation, LUBA maintains a noise level consistently below 60dB, ensuring no noise pollution is generated.

Waterproof Performance

LUBA machine is IPX6 waterproof rated, while the RTK reference station boasts an lPX7 waterproof rating. It ensures exceptional durability, even in rainy and humid areas.

Rain Detection

LUBA automatically adjusts its mowing schedule based on real-time weather conditions, thanks to its rain sensor and the seamless integration of the Mammotion app with local weather forecasts.

FOTA Updates

Mammotion software continuously introduces new features and enhances user experience. It can be effortlessly downloaded at any time using FOTA (Firmware-Over-The-Air) technology.


What’s in the LUBA 2 box:

  1. Charging Station
  2. LUBA 2 AWD 5000
  3. Power Supply
  4. RTK Reference Station
  5. Extra One Set Of Blades
  6.  2 x Key
  7. RTK Mounting Pole
  8. Operating Manual
  9. RTK Reference Station Power Supply
  10. RTK Reference Station 10 metre Extension Cable

Additional information

Lawn Mowers


Product Grading


Motor Type

2 x Brushless Cutting Motors

Motor Power


Running Time per Charge

Up to 3 Hours

Cutting Width


Cutting Blades

2 x 4 – Centrifugal Razors

Cutting Height

3cm – 7cm
25mm – 70mm




2 Yrs Standard

Key Capabilities
Area Capacity

up to 5000㎡

Installation Type

Wireless installation

Drive System

4WD with skid Steering

Pattern Mowing

Yes – Parallel Lines

Multi Zone

30 Zones

Mowing Capacity Per Working Hour

up to 600m2 per/hr

Max Allowable Slope

80% Gradient

Max Consistent Slope

65% Gradient

Max Edge Slope

50% Gradient

Travel Speed

36 metres per minute

Battery Charging Time

2 Hours

Battery Voltage & Capacity

25.2V / 10Ah / 252Wh

Type of Battery

Lithium Ion

Battery Charge Method

Contact – Auto Return to Base

Battery Charge Rate

7 Amp

Safety Features
Obstacle Avoidance

Bump Sensors
Camera Vision

Bump Sensor

Yes – Front & Side

Emergency Stop


Lift/Tilt/Rollover Sensor

Yes (45 deg approx)

Cutting System
Cutting Blade Speed


Cut to Edge (Offset Blades)

Yes – Dual Blade System

Communication and Interface

WiFi (Fully Intergrated)

LED Display


App Control

Free IOS & Android App

Smart Home Integration

Google Home

Firmware Updates

Free Over the Air (FOTA)


GSM GPS Tracking
Pin & Geofence

Program Settings
Eco Mode


Perimeter Cut Mode

Yes (Manual & Scheduled)

Rain Sensor

Yes (Configuable)

Schedule Mowing

Yes (Fully configurable)

Wired Navigation System
GPS Assisted Navigation


Smart Partitions


SDM Cutting System


Spiral Cut Mode


Straight Cut Mode



Yes (electronic)

Wireless Navigation System
Positioning System

Camera Vision

Virtual Mapping Limits

6000m2 – 30 Zones – 50 Off Limits

IMU Asssited Navigation


Other Features


Rear Wheels

170mm Hard Rubber

Front Wheels

2 x 170mm Omni Style

Included Equipment
Base Station

Yes – Reverse in / Drive Out

Base Station Cover


Base Station Fixings

4 Screws

Perimeter Wire


Perimeter Wire Pegs


Power Supply and Cable

Yes – 10mt


Yes – RTK Reference Station

Weights and Dimensions
Box Dimensions

82cm x 59cm x 36cm

Box Gross Weight


Product Only Dimensions

70cm x 53cm x 25cm

Product only Weight






30 kg


82 × 60 × 36 cm


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Luba 2 robot mower
LUBA 2 AWD 5000 Wireless Robot Lawn Mower
$4,799.00 (AUD$ Including GST)
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