LUBA ROBOT lawn mower

Robot lawn mower without perimeter wire

LUBA Robot Mower FAQs

Robot Lawn Mowers are safe, eco-friendly, and fully autonomous. They only require setting up an invisible fence around all the areas to be mowed. Once the installation is finalized, your robot mower will be scheduled to mow and return home to recharge by itself with no input from you at all.

The wireless LUBA robot mower needs a virtual boundary to know where it should and shouldn’t mow. It’s like a digital fence that helps the robot stay within the designated area, preventing it from going into places like flowerbeds or other areas it shouldn’t mow.

This boundary keeps the robot safe and ensures it only cuts the grass where it’s supposed to, making the lawn look nice and tidy.

Yes, LUBA robot mowers can handle multiple lawns and zones. They are designed to navigate and mow different areas within the same property, thanks to their advanced mapping and virtual boundary capabilities. This allows them to efficiently mow various sections of the lawn without any manual intervention. Each different model has different limits on how many zones they can have.

Yes, the LUBA robot is designed to cut close to the edges of the lawn, ensuring a thorough and precise mowing job.

LUBA robot mowers mow the grass in parallel lines, so you have a beautifully patterned finish to your lawn. These parallel lines can be changed programmed in the schedule so if can mow in any angle you like. You can even mow in two different angles to leave a diamond pattern on your lawn.

The main benefit of robot mowers is that they will mow your lawn more often than you would and keep the grass perfectly mowed all year round.

It is best to allow your robot to cover your ENTIRE lawn 2-3 times a week during the peak growing season in Australia. LUBA robot mowers have a programable schedule feature that lets the robot work when you want it to.

You can work out the number of hours per week needed to mow your lawn by a simple calculation:

Lawn size in m2 / m2 per hour your robot model mows = time required to mow the entire lawn

*For this example, the lawn size is 3000m2 and the robot model is a LUBA AWD 5000 that  mows 500m2 per hour

3000m2 / 500m2 = 6 hours to mow the entire lawn.

During peak growing season, multiply this number by 3: 6 hours mowing 3 times a week.

For wireless robot mowers is best to have your robot complete a full mowing session as quickly as it can do. In some cases, this might mean running the robot for longer periods of time.

 * The above calculation is only a guide as different shaped lawns will take different durations to trim.

For all robot lawn mowers, we recommend that you don’t exceed 70% of the robot’s maximum capacity to get the best cutting results in a reasonable time frame.

Mowing to the highest capacity of any robot lawn mower is possible, but you will expect the robot to work for 10 hours or more a day, excluding charging times.

It is IMPORTANT to notice that every robot lawn mower has 3 different slope ratings.
Maximum Permissible Slope – It determines the highest gradient value that the robot can manage. The highest slope should only be in a small part of your lawn and it should be well inside your perimeter wire.
Maximum Consistent slope – If most of your lawn is sloped, this should be the maximum slope gradient value of your lawn.
Maximum edge slope – This is the most important rating, is the maximum slope allowed within 1 metre of your boundary wire.

* These ratings are the maximum allowable ratings on a perfectly manicured lawn surface. So lawn areas with rough or uneven surfaces, and thick or deep grass (>30mm deep when cut) will need to be factored into your maximum slope ratings.

Find out how to measure slope gradient here.

Thick grasses like newly laid Buffalo and Kikuyu can be difficult for some robot mower to travel on.

If you notice that your lawn is more than 40mm in height when freshly mowed, keep it in mind when choosing a mower. Newly laid or grown grass are usually deeper than older established grass.

Also, lawns that are heavily thatched underneath can also cause the grass to be too deep and spongy. Deep spongy grass is also difficult for the robot mower to maintain traction.

If your lawn is under 40mm in height when freshly mowed, then most robot mowers will be able to travel on them easily.

For the best advice on this, please send a photo of your lawn to us to provide you with the best advice on what robot mowers are suitable.

The LUBA Series robot lawnmowers feature RTK GNSS navigation and virtual-mapping systems. Those allow users to customize their mowing tasks with different mowing areas and schedules in the Mammotion APP. They provide a picture-perfect lawn maintenance solution with a real hands-free experience.

No Perimeter Wire

Mow up to 5000㎡ per day

Up to 75% Slope

Multi-zone management

HOOKII Neomow App control

App Control

LUBA auto recharging


HOOKII Noemow re-cutting at stoppage point

Obstacle Avoidance​

Planned Routes

Advance robotic system

LUBA, A More Intelligent way to mow your lawn

LUBA quick set up with no perimeter wire

A quick setup with no perimeter wire

Just walk along behind LUBA, using the Mammotion App to set up virtual boundaries. Using the RTK and Multi-Sensor Integrated Navigation System, LUBA can create a map of your lawn and set up different mowing areas without the hassle of digging or burying wires.

LUBA RTK and multisensor integrated navigation system

Provides access to four global navigation systems and IMU sensors, giving precise positioning – 2cm of accuracy.
Our patented algorithm improves positioning stability when the signal is weak.
The RTK signal can cover up to 20,000㎡.

LUBA RTK and multisensor integrated navigation system

Stay in the now

With the Mammotion App, you can customize your mowing tasks. Choose different mowing modes, set mowing schedules, adjust the cutting height, and multiple working areas. You can also monitor your mower anytime, anywhere.

Efficient multi-zone management

You can create and set up mowing tasks for each area, creating channels between them. LUBA series can save your preferred pattern, scheduled mowing time and mowing height for each mowing area.

Palnned route modes

Compared to the disorderly collision mowing of conventional robotic mowers, the planned route algorithm significantly improves LUBA’s mowing efficiency.

Obstacle avoidance

Four ultrasonic radar sensors allow the LUBA to automatically detect and avoid obstacles as small as 5cm (2 inches) with a Field of View (FOV) of 220 degrees.

impressive mowing performance

LUBA is versatile for all lawns

LUBA robot mower

Lawn size: Up to 5000m2

Mowing zones: Up to 10

Luba robot mower wheels

LUBA AWD’s all-wheel-drive system and rugged tires provide best-in-class power capability.

Excellent Off-road capability

LUBA slopes

improved dual-cutting plates

beautiful, yet incredible reliable

LUBA, Tech-art aesthetics and robust safety

Enjoy the robot’s tech-art aesthetics. Offers a streamlined, aerodynamic body style, inspired by the F1 racing car.

Embrace its robust safety. Enhance you and your family’s safety.

Let's go green!

Capable. Enjoyable. Sustainable

LUba automatic recharging feature

Auto-recharge, Auto-resume

When the battery reaches less than 15%, Luba finds its way back to the charging station automatically and continues the interrupted mowing session.

Luba robot mower rain detection feature

Automatic rain detection

An advanced rain sensor enables the LUBA Series mowers to return to the charging station when it detects rain.

LUba anti-theft system

Luba Anti-theft System

LUBA Series mowers will be automatically locked when one leaves your Geo-fence. You'll receive an alert via the Mammotion App when LUBA is potentially stolen. (Subject to Wi-Fi connection)

Luba robot mower rain detection feature

IPX6 Waterproof

Impervious to rain and even a non-sustained total soaking from the hose or sprinklers.

Luba emission free

Emission Free

Featuring a large lithium-ion battery, LUBA Series mowers adopt a healthy lifestyle habit: reduced carbon emission. And no more gasoline to buy for your mower!

mammotion Luba Quiet mowing

IPX6 Waterproof

No neighbor will have any reason to complain about your robot mower’s noise. It’s far quieter than a gas-powered mower, and even most battery-driven models.

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