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Robolinho 700E Review

The Robolinho 700E by ALCO and distributed by Masport is a very well refined robot lawnmower. Its ability to traverse over less stable ground cover and to cut thick glasses is second to none in this price category.

Capable of mowing an area of up to 700m2. Equipped with multi-zone functionality for up to 4 separate zones. Fully configurable scheduling allows you to program the robot for any time of the day and any day of the week.

Robolinho 700E review:

Quality – Highest quality design from Germany and built-in Austria the Robolinho 700E is incredibly high quality and built to last.

Safety – This Robot Lawn Mower has bump sensors that stop the mower and turn it around when it hits an unexpected obstacle. If the unit is lifted during operation, it will stop travel and the cutting blades. Very large easily accessed Emergency Stop button on top to manually stop the mower if needed.

Security – Programmable with a security pin code. The mower is unable to be operated without the correct code.

Cutting System – With an adjustable cutting height of between 2.5cm and 5.5cm, this mower has a cutting width of 22cm with a 4 fixed razor blade system.

Slopes – This robot will tackle slopes of up to 45% gradient while travelling and 20% gradient on the perimeter wire.

Other Features – The Masport robot has very low noise at less than 60dB. User-friendly LCD screen for local operation and programming. Weather-resistant to IP44 for continuous outdoor use, this Robot Lawn Mower is not required to be housed or protected from the rain, but it is recommended to be installed in a fully shaded location to protect it from direct sunlight. 2.25Ah Lithium battery which takes approximately 1 hour to charge and allows for up to 1 hour of operation.

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