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In Professional installation with a purchased robot mower.

Landroid robot mower with Wi-Fi (Fully Integrated)

How to connect Landroid to Wi-Fi

Tutorial on how to manage Landroid Wi-Fi connection

Landroid is an IoT (Internet of Things) device.

In the first place, always make sure its software is up to date to get full functionality out of your Landroid and, you must connect it to the internet.
In order to connect your Landroid, you will need the name (SSID) and password of your Wi-Fi network and the serial number of your robot. On newer models, there’s a QR code on the back of Landroid under the cover or on the side of the robot which you can scan with your mobile phone.

In the older models, you can find the serial number on a sticker either on the back of Landroid or near the keyboard, under the cover.

Download the latest version of the Worx Landroid App from the Play Store (if you’re using an Android device) or the App Store (if you’re using an Apple device). Then just follow the instructions in the app.

Please make sure that:

  •  Landroid is well within the coverage of your Wi-Fi network.
  •  Both Landroid and your smartphone need to be connected to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. The reason why Landroid uses the 2.4Ghz band is that it has a wider range and it works better through obstacles. Most modern routers use both the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz frequencies, but you can temporarily disable the 5GHz network on your router during the pairing process and enable it again afterwards.

The following settings should default on your router. In any case, please make sure that:

  • Wi-Fi mode is set to b/g/n mixed
  • Channel width is set to 20MHz
  • DHCP is enabled on your router
  • Use the regular network and not the “Guest” one
  • Important! If you have a firewall or some other kind of security feature, you might also have to temporarily disable it.


I can’t connect Landroid to the internet!

If you’re unable to connect your Landroid to the internet, you should first, double-check all of the instructions above. As mentioned before, firewalls are a common reason why robots are unable to connect to the internet. In the case that you’re running one, you should temporarily disable it.

Supposing that you can pair your Landroid with your account, but you’re unable to interact with it through the App, you should get in touch with our Support.

If you’re still unable to complete the pairing process, you should run this test in order to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with your network settings.

Enable connection tethering and set up a second mobile phone as a hotspot. Then connect your mobile phone to the Wi-Fi network you’ve just created. Try to pair Landroid through this network. If it works, then your regular Wi-Fi network is blocking Landroid from connecting to the server, so you’ll have to work on the settings.

Please remember that as soon as you turn off the hotspot, Landroid will lose connection to the internet. This test is only meant to identify what is blocking the pairing process.

Landroid is not connected to the internet anymore!

First of all, make sure that nothing has changed in your network setup. Also, make sure Landroid is within Wi-Fi coverage.

In the case that you’ve just installed a new router or you have changed internet provider, your Landroid won’t be able to connect, as it can only store information for one wireless network. You will have to change the SSID and Password of the new router so they match the old ones.

If for any reason, you can’t or you don’t want to, you’ll have to get in touch with Support.

If you’re using any unofficial app, software or suite, please uninstall it and disconnect it from the robot. We only support the official Worx Landroid app that you can download from the App Store/Play store. Most third-party apps mess with our server settings, so for the time being we can’t support them.

Please be advised that some of these applications might be treated as malicious by our safety measures so it’s possible that your account will be temporarily blocked.

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