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Husqvarna 36V Polesaw 530iPX 9678851-11 (Tool only)

$829.00 (AUD$ Including GST)

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Agile and light-weight battery-powered forestry clearing saw with truly professional performance.


Husqvarna 36V Polesaw 530iPX 9678851-11 (Tool only)

Agile and light-weight battery-powered forestry clearing saw with truly professional performance. Offers high chain speed plus balance, lightness and low vibration for easy, precise work free from noise and direct emissions. Especially suited for uneven and dense terrain where superior freedom of movement is needed.

Key features of Husqvarna 36V Polesaw 530iPX 9678851-11 (Tool only)

Chain speed at max power: 20 m/s
Motor type: BLDC (brushless)
Power output: 1.1 kW
Weight (excl. battery and cutting equipment): 3.1 kg
PRO Battery Products, IPX4 standard, 500-series
Weatherproof (IPX4)
This battery-powered Husqvarna machine fulfils the IPX4 classification for rain resistance. This makes it a long-lasting and reliable tool that can be used all year round in all weather conditions.
Logo Feature Save Printcreator use only
Power-Conserving savE™ Mode
SavE™ mode maximises the run time, reduces noise levels and preserves product battery life by lowering the rpm. Ideal for tasks that do not require full power. Just press the button to turn savE™ mode on and off.
Battery Through Body Design
Battery Through Body Design (Pat.pend.)
The battery is placed horizontally through the machine to reduce the risk of dirt, water, chips and dust getting into the battery compartment, causing connector issues. Also, it enhances the weight distribution and balance of the tool, making it more user-friendly with increased maneuverability. The through body design also offers a high degree of flexibility since it allows battery packs of different sizes to be used.
536LiXP, 536 LiXP, 436Li
Intuitive key pad
The keypad is intuitive to operate, and you can easily adjust the settings with just the push of a button.
536LiPX / 536LiP4 / 536LiPT5
Efficient brushless motor
Our in-house developed, advanced brushless motor is 25 % more efficient than a standard brush motor. This means that the motor provides a high and consistent torque.
536LiP / 536LiP4 / 536LiPT5
Ergonomic handle
Ergonomically shaped handle for greater comfort and easy access to the controls.
Harness eyelet
Harness eyelet
A harness relieves weight for both arms and shoulders and provides a less strenuous working position.
Chain speed 20 m/s Chainsaw T536Li
High chain speed
High chain speed for fast, smooth cutting
536LiP / 536LiP4 / 536LiPT5
Impact guard
The rear-impact guard protects the integrated battery from wear and damage.
520iHE3 battery pole hedge trimmer
Quiet Operation
Low noise levels create pleasant work and enable longer working hours, even in the most public settings. The noise level from our battery machines is up to 13 dB(A) lower than a petrol machine. A reduction of 3 dB(A) is usually perceived as a halving of the noise level.
PRO Battery products, Low maintenance
Low Maintenance
No fuel refilling, fewer parts and electronically-controlled drive system for less downtime
Flexible Husqvarna BLi-X Battery System
Interchangeable Battery System
Able to be used in all Husqvarna battery tools, our lithium-ion batteries are durable, easy to swap and recharge quickly
Low Carbon Emissions
By choosing this product, you can feel confident that it produces lower carbon emissions during active use compared to a traditional petrol product. This battery-driven product does not emit any CO₂ during use while still providing the power and quality that you expect from a Husqvarna product. However, it’s important to note that CO₂ emissions are generated during other stages of the product´s lifecycle, such as production, charging and end-of-life disposal.

In the box of Husqvarna 36V Polesaw 530iPX 9678851-11 (Tool only)

  • Husqvarna 36V Polesaw 530iPX
  • Chain
  • Bar
  • Harness kit
  • Handle
  • Branch spike

Additional information

Lawn Mowers




Motor Type


Battery System


Battery Status Indicator

On battery




2 year domestic warranty (extendable to 5 years)

Weights and Dimensions
Box Dimensions

185cm x 24cm x 27cm

Product Only Dimensions

159cm x 18cm x 18cm

Product only Weight


Average Run Time (No Load)


Harness hook


Weight 7.3 kg
Dimensions 185 × 24 × 27 cm


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Husqvarna Polesaw 530iPX 9678851-11
Husqvarna 36V Polesaw 530iPX 9678851-11 (Tool only)
$829.00 (AUD$ Including GST)
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