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Kress Commercial outdoor tools


*Compared to standard lithium-ion or lithium polymer cells. **When charging 4 Ah or 11 Ah Kress® CyberPack batteries with the CyberTank KAC875.

Commercial grade

Kress cybersystem Commercial outdoor tools

Kress Commercial

KRESS Commercial outdoor power tools

Kress prosumer lawnmower
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A growing number of residential and commercial customers are asking for sustainable landscaping. Noise ordinances are progressively restricting the use of loud OPE in certain zones and hours. More and more governments are banning small engines. 

Welcome to the post-petrol era.

The Kress CyberPack batteries

A 4 Ah and 11 Ah back-pack, can charge from 0% to 80% in as little as 5 minutes*, or from 0% to 100% in just 8 minutes*. Faster than anything else. * DC-DC charge

Charge faster than anything else

Advanced cell technology allows these batteries to stay cool, so they do not have cool down prior to charging. Zero downtime!


kress 8 min

Polymer cells

18650 cylindrical cells

21700 cylindrical cells



100% charge in 8 minutes

3,000 charge cycles

Kress CyberPack batteries last longer. Much longer. So longer that we back them with 6-year warranty* for professional use. * For residual capacity lower than 70%
Kress 8 minutes commercial battery

The CyberSystem ecosystem

A system is such when its elements work together as parts of an interconnecting network. Batteries dialogue with tools and chargers. Data are sent to the cloud for diagnostics, theft protection, fleet management, and much more. Everything is at your fingertips.
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Extreme power

Kress CyberPack batteries supply up to 3.5 kW to the brushless motor, which in turn delivers 90% of it as output power. That’s 3.2 kW or 4.35 HP, the same as a commercial-grade 64 cc. 2-stroke engine.

Performance on an unprecedented scale

4Ah battery Kress CyberPack

kress battery performance

4Ah 18650 battery

4Ah 21700 battery

Your new fuel tank

Available with a 5 kWh or 7.2 kWh energy capacity, the 8-minute CyberTank DC-DC charger stores enough energy to power all your equipment for the whole day. Recharge your CyberTank after work and stay ready for tomorrow. You’ll never have to waste time or money filling up at the petrol station again.

Power unlike any other

The Kress Commercial line of tools for professional landscapers has been designed from the ground up to withstand the unprecedented power delivered by the 8-Minute CyberPack batteries.
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Power unlike any other

Unlike petrol engines that need to reach high RPM before delivering decent torque, the Kress-made brushless motor produces 100% of its rated torque as soon as you pull the trigger.

Balanced ergonomic design

Not only is the trimmer surprisingly lightweight for its power, but weight distribution is balanced for perfect maneuverability and effortless operation.

16.5" cutting capacity

The pro-grade 0.095″ line rips through dense grass and thick weeds with ease.

High efficiency transmission

The lightweight drive shaft allows for a faster acceleration of the line reel and minimal power loss.

Rapid line reload

Quick and easy installation of up to 29.5 feet of fresh line.

Power that won’t wear you out

At only 3.5kg, the KC200 is lighter than any professional petrol-powered hedge trimmer, whilst delivering uncompromised power. Something you’ll appreciate when trimming overhead for hours.

Slice branches like butter

The 25″ dual-action blade effortlessly cuts branches as thick as 1.5″. Made out of low carbon, diamond-ground steel, it holds the edge and remains sharp for longer.
kress brushless motor

High output power

The Kress-made brushless motor converts 90% of the battery power into brutal output power to effortlessly drive the blade through thick branches.

Inclusive adjustable rear handle

At the push of a button, the rear handle rotates up to 90° left or right to make vertical cutting easy for both right- and left-handed users. Equally.

Massive torque delivery

Petrol engines’ torque drops off fast as RPM decreases. With the Kress Commercial chainsaw, torque remains at the highest level even under severe load.

Fast and clean cuts

Thanks to 2.4 HP of output power and 1.8 Nm of torque, the KC300’s chain is driven at an outstanding 24 m/s speed for fast and smooth downing of large limbs and trees.
kress brushless motor

More power, less weight

Less vibration. Zero exhaust fumes. Low noise. No hard yanks on a pull cord. No fueling. No service of the engine’s air filter and spark plug.
kress cybersystem logo

Pros saw of choice

After-storm cleanup, downing, logging, tree care or land clearing, your Kress Commercial chainsaw will tackle the toughest jobs.

Wind without thunder

Petrol blowers are too noisy and are being banned in many areas. But don’t worry, Kress has created a cordless blower that is just as powerful as petrol blowers, but without the loud noise.

Unprecedented thrust

The Kress Commercial blower has a blowing force of 35 N, outperforming similar models and professional petrol blowers. With this powerful cordless tool, any job can be tackled with confidence.

kress brushless motor

Control at your fingertips

The LED display provides information on battery charge and air force, which is fully adjustable at the touch of a button.
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Exceptionally quiet

We fixed the loud sounds in the cylinder and made sure the air flows smoothly. Now, the noise from 15 mts away sounds as quiet as a regular conversation.

Commercial grade equipment

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