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How to find a broken boundary wire - High Resistance

The video demonstrates how to find a partial break or high resistance in your boundary or perimeter wire using a wire locator tool.

 Jason from Robot Lawn mowers shows how to use the NF 826 Wire Break Locator by showing an installation route that has a High resistance in the perimeter wire. Jason disconnects both ends of the wire and pulls them out. He connects the red lead of the transmitter to one of the leads and connects the negative lead to the screwdriver pushed into the ground.

 Then he turns on the transmitter and sets the signal strength to one. The receiver is also turned on, and the signal strength is set to Auto. When he gets close to the wire, the receiver beeps and you can read the signal strength on the NF-826, this reading is taken every 20mt along the boundary wire to see where the signal strength changes. This indicates where the high resistance (or bad wire joint) can be.

It is advised against setting the signal strength too high, as this can pick up signals from much further away. Instead, a setting of one is ideal. Following these steps, it is possible to locate the break in the wire and make necessary repairs.

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