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Have you Changed your Blades lately?

Have you Changed your Blades lately?

A clean cut is one of the best advantages for using Robot Lawn Mowers. With sharp thin blades, the mowers will cut the grass with little damage to the blades of grass. This promotes fast and healthy growth for your lawn.
Changing the blades on your Robot Lawn Mower is vital to maintaining this clean cut. We recomend changing these blades after around 50 to 100 hours of use depending on the type of grass being cut.
An easy way to tell if your blades are in need of being replaced or turning around, is that your grass will start to show signs of being torn rather than cut cleanly.
The above photo (to the left) shows the blades of the grass are damaged and dry. This is because the blades are blunt and are tearing the grsss rather than cutting them. The photo on the right shows the same lawn a week later, after the blades have been replaced. You can see that most of the blades of grass are now cut cleanly and are not damaged.

With sharp blades your grass will be stronger, greener and require less water to thrive.

Changing the blades on your Exgain Robot  Lawn Mower is simple and can be done with no more tools than a Phillips head screwdriver. It takes less than 5 minutes.

If you are in need of additional spare blades, please contact us at anytime.


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