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Perimeter Wire 100m

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Green perimeter wire to suit all Robot Lawn Mower Installation.

100 metres.


The function of the perimeter wire is to communicate to the robotic lawnmower where the boundaries of your lawn are.  This perimeter wire is 100m long.

The charging station emits a signal via the boundary wire, so when the robotic lawnmower approaches the limit, it stops and backs up. Also, when the robot is on low battery, it will find the boundary wire first and then follow it back to the charging station. This Perimeter wire package includes 100m of wire.


 Mower Models All Lawnba Models
Service Temp. -40~120℃
Mower Brand Lawnba
Gross Weight < 1 kg
Net Weight < 1 kg
Function Perimeter wire for all installation
Material PVC insulated wire
Packaging Details 15*10*10cm
Installation Time NA
Installation Size NA


To learn more about perimeter wire visit this page:  Everything you need to know about Robot Mowers.

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Lawnba 100mt Wire
Perimeter Wire 100m
$44.34 (AUD$ Including GST)
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