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Husqvarna 36V Battery Blower 120iB – Tool only 967 97 61-01

$299.00 (AUD$ Including GST)

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Battery and charger not included (can be purchased separately)

Husqvarna 120iB is a lightweight and easy-to-use battery-powered blower for small and medium gardens.


Husqvarna 36V 120iB Battery Blower

Husqvarna 120iB is a lightweight and easy-to-use battery-powered blower for small and medium gardens. Convenient, easy starts, fast acceleration, low weight and three modes for flexible operation. The compact design, soft-grip, low weight and perfect balance will allow you to work efficiently while putting less strain on your body.

Key features of Husqvarna 36V 120iB Battery Blower

Air speed: 46 m/s
Air flow in pipe: 10.3 m³/min
Power/fuel type: Battery
120iB Battery blower
3 different modes for best perfomance depending on need or task.
Three modes give you an optimal performance based on needs, from light tasks to tasks requiring full power. 3N for more minor duties inside or outside. 7N for good power, suitable for most tasks. 10N for tougher duties and when full power is needed.
Symbol Benefit Fast acceleration
Fast acceleration when starting
Fast acceleration when starting, makes the job more efficient.
436LiB_536LiB, Blower, Battery
Excellent ergonomics
Superb product balance, comfortable handle grip, and intuitive keypad provide excellent ergonomics for comfortable work.
Illustration Benefit Brushless motor
Efficient Brushless Motor
Brushless motor for higher efficiency, longer lifetime, and less maintenance compared to brushed motors. Since there are no brushes, friction is eliminated, no energy is lost, and the motor runs cooler. This also eliminates the need for maintenance or replacement of worn brushes, and you can benefit from improved performance and higher torque.
Battery Bli20
Interchangeable Battery System
Husqvarna’s flexible 36V system BLi-X offers battery power for everything from light and demanding homeowner tasks to professional use. One battery can be used for several tools, and the wide range of options, from lightweight integrated to backpack batteries, makes it easy to find a tailored, powerful solution that perfectly suits your task at hand. All the batteries deliver high performance, are built to be used over a long time, and can be recharged and swapped quickly for continuous use.
Battery Blower 536LiBX
Low Noise and Vibrations
Low noise levels create pleasant work and enable longer working hours without disturbing others.
Low Carbon Emissions
By choosing this product, you can feel confident that it produces lower carbon emissions during active use compared to a traditional petrol product. This battery-driven product does not emit any CO₂ during use while still providing the power and quality that you expect from a Husqvarna product. However, it’s important to note that CO₂ emissions are generated during other stages of the product´s lifecycle, such as production, charging and end-of-life disposal.

In the box of Husqvarna 36V 120iB Battery Blower

  • Husqvarna 120iB blower
  • Blower pipe
  • Shoulder harness

Additional information

Lawn Mowers




Motor Type


Running Time per Charge

Light Blowing – BLi10 up to 20min, BLi20 up to 35min, BLi200/X up to 45min, BLi300 up to 1h 25min, BLi950X up to 4h 45min
Tough blowing – BLi10 up to 15min, BLi20 up to 30min, BLi200/X up to 30min, BLi300 up to 50min, BLi950X up to 2h 50min




2 year domestic warranty (extendable to 5 years)

Weights and Dimensions
Product Only Dimensions

90cm x 13cm x 28cm

Product only Weight


Trigger Style

Variable Speed

Air speed


Maximum air volume


Turbo button


Vacuum conversion kit


Weight 2.85 kg
Dimensions 54 × 2 × 33 cm


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Husqvarna 36V Battery Blower 120iB – Tool only 967 97 61-01
$299.00 (AUD$ Including GST)
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