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ATTENTION: This product is not currently available in Australia. Please contact us to find out when this product is predicted to be available.

Mowsion Robot Lawn Mower

Mowsion robot lawn mower

Mowsion Efficiency

Speed up your work. The Mowsion provides a faster cutting pace, greater efficiency and quality in one machine.

Easy to use

Easy to use and fast start button, pre-set function to make it easier to get your project started.

App Remote Control

With new Hicontrol technology, you can see what Mowsion sees and use your fingers to steer it.

Quiet Mowsion

Enjoy a quiet sleep with the Mowsion White Noise Machine. At only 56Db, this machine is perfect for getting a good night’s sleep.

Mowsion Safety

The Mowsion comes with an advanced laser sensor for automatic obstacle avoidance, three other sensors greatly improve safety. 

Mowsion robot Lawn mower Product Description

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