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Best Robot Lawn Mower Under $1500 in Australia 2023

The best robot lawnmowers in 2023 available in Australia that are under $1500 and are essential for all entry-level models and most of the Chinese generic machines.  

    1. NEOMOW S robot lawnmower, which is made by a company called Hookii. They specialize in smart robotics and smart automation and are known for their high-quality builds.
      The biggest advantage of the Neomow S is that it is the first robot lawnmower that mows in a straight line, making it more efficient. It can also mow small segments of your lawn one area at a time and has a break mode cut schedule, meaning it can stop and recharge at its charging station, and then go back to where it left off.
      The Neomow S is also well-built, with a short wheelbase that makes it easy to turn around on slopes. However, since it is a new product, it hasn’t been widely tested around the world, although it has been tested for several months.
      The only downside to the Neomow S is that its parallel mowing (mowing up and down in straight lines) is not always perfect, as it relies on GPS signals that can be affected by weather conditions. It also uses a boundary wire, so it’s not boundary-wireless like some other robot lawnmowers on the market.
    2. The MOEBOT S5, S10, and S20 all fall under the $1500 mark. The company is an Australian company, but the robots are made in China by a company called Joyudu. They are well-known and reliable machines that can handle larger areas than the Feniks and Victa. They are easy to use and have integrated Wi-Fi connectivity, making them easy to control from your phone. However, they are a bit pricey compared to the Feniks and Victa.
    3. The VICTA RM100 is made by Seiko, the company that makes yard Force robots. It’s quite refined and has an LCD touchscreen that’s easy to use. It’s stable and sits well on grass, but spare parts are difficult to find in Australia. It has no connectivity, which is a downside.
    4. The FENIKS L210 robot mower is a small and basic lawnmower that was released about five years ago. It’s not made by a well-known company and can only be found on sites like Alibaba. However, it’s very reliable and simple to operate. It has a basic LCD screen and can be programmed to run at set times. The machine is lightweight and can even be fitted with wheels, though it feels a bit like a toy due to its plasticky build. It mows at a slow speed, but it’s cheap and gets the job done.
    5. GARDENA 250 CITY robot lawnmowers. The brand has been around for a long time, and it’s trusted by many. The machine is quiet, refined, and reasonably priced. It’s been around for about 15 years, but you may want to check that. The Gardena 250 City of Guardian has Bluetooth connectivity and is feature-rich, making it a decent machine. However, it falls short in terms of its mowing capacity. It can only cover 250 square meters, and it takes five hours to achieve that. According to my testing, it can only mow around 30 square meters per hour, so it’s quite slow. You can’t run it for more than five hours a day, which indicates that its components aren’t high-quality. The machine is front-wheel-drive, which affects its slope capacity. It can only handle slopes up to 10 degrees, making it unsuitable for steep yards. Overall, it’s a decent machine for small yards of up to 100 square meters, but you need to run it for a long time to get the job done.
    6. LANWBA E1800/Ee1600 robot lawn mowers. The Lawnba machines are made by Xgain, a Chinese company we’ve been selling for a long time. However, their build quality is not very good, and their technology has not changed in over 10 years. They use digital sensors on the wire, so they don’t follow it very well. The only pro to these machines is the capacity, with the smallest one good for at least 800 square meters and the largest one for 3,000 square meters.
    7. UMOTO ZY-2 & SPM 14 robot lawnmower. We don’t sell these here in our store and never put them on the market. You can buy them from a few companies in Australia. They are built by a Chinese company that mostly specializes in medical supplies, robotics, automation, and drive motors. I’m not sure why they went into robotic lawnmowers, and the technology hasn’t changed for at least five to six years. They use Digital Life sensors, which are quite antiquated, and they don’t follow the wire very well. The only pro to these machines is the area capacity. They are cheap but can cut a lot of lawns, from 800 to 1,000 square meters for the smaller ones, and up to 3,000 square meters for the larger ones. However, the technology is poor, the control system is difficult to work out, and the build quality is not great. The wheels are flimsy, and the software is unreliable. That’s why we never put them on our website.
    8. SWIFT RM18 robot lawnmower at the bottom of the list, made by a Chinese company called Redback. They’ve been making robots for nearly 10 years, and their technology hasn’t changed much in that time. The pros of this robot are that it’s the cheapest on the market and very easy to operate since it only has a little LED screen and four buttons. However, the cons are that it’s quite tricky to get it to dock properly since the dock is tight to the wheels, and the front-wheel drive design means it doesn’t handle slopes well.
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