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Kress Commercial - Prosumer - Range Introduction

This video is a quick video to introduce the Kress Commercial and Kress Prosumer range of Battery Outdoor Power Equipment.

Kress recognises the diverse needs of customers and offers specialised ranges to cater to both commercial and comsumer markets. Understanding the distinctions between these two categories is crucial for selecting the right outdoor power equipment to meet your specific requirements. Kress have introducted two ranges of Outdoor Power Tools and Battery System that exceeds anything o nthe market today:

Kress Commercial Batteries

The powerhouse driving the Kress cordless outdoor power equipment. Designed for demanding applications:

  • 8 minute charge time from 0-100%
  • Upto 10x the life
  • Twice the power output
  • 8 years commercial warranty

Makes these batteries a leader in the industry.

Commercial Range

Heavy-Duty Performance: Kress Commercial Outdoor Power Equipment is engineered for heavy and frequent use. Whether you’re a professional landscaper, contractor, or municipality, our commercial range is designed to withstand rigorous demands, providing reliable performance in challenging environments. Durability and Longevity: Commercial-grade materials and construction ensure longevity and durability. These tools are built to withstand extended operational hours and harsh conditions, offering a robust solution for users who depend on their equipment day in and day out. Advanced Features: The commercial range often incorporates advanced features such as high-capacity motors, precision controls, and ergonomic designs. These features enhance productivity, allowing professionals to tackle large projects efficiently. Variety of Tools: Our commercial line includes a comprehensive array of tools, from powerful chainsaws to industrial-grade brush cutters, tailored to meet the diverse needs of commercial users dealing with various outdoor maintenance challenges. This will be expanded in 2024 with the release of more tools, batteries and charging solutions.

Prosumer Range

Balanced Performance: Kress Prosumer Outdoor Power Equipment strikes a balance between professional-grade performance and user-friendly design. These tools are ideal for enthusiasts, homeowners, and part-time landscapers who demand higher performance than standard consumer tools. Versatility and Ease of Use: Prosumer tools are designed to be versatile and easy to handle. They are suitable for a range of outdoor tasks, providing users with the flexibility to maintain their lawns, gardens, and landscapes with professional-quality results. Durable Construction: While not as heavy-duty as commercial equipment, our prosumer range still emphasizes durability and quality construction. These tools are built to withstand regular use and offer a reliable solution for those who take their outdoor maintenance seriously. Affordable Excellence: The prosumer range provides a cost-effective solution for users who desire professional-grade features without the expense of fully commercial equipment. It’s an excellent choice for those who want reliable performance without compromising on quality. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a dedicated homeowner, Kress is committed to providing outdoor power equipment that aligns with your specific needs. Explore our commercial and prosumer ranges to find the perfect tools for your outdoor maintenance tasks.

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