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20V Garden Tools Worx powershare

One battery for all your 20V tools.

For your everyday applications, enjoy the convenience of the compact and lightweight Worx 20V power tools.

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Worx 20V cordless Power Tool Range

Worx Cordless Line Trimmer

Use a string trimmer to create a satisfying finish

Grass trimming is the finishing touch to a detailed, meticulously maintained lawn. Use a string trimmer to maintain those areas where lawn mowers cannot do the job — around trees, in between plants and in tight corners. To define edges, turn the trimmer so that the string spins vertical.

Worx Cordless Hedge Trimmers and Shear Shrubbery.

Keep your hedge in shape, as well as your back

New hedges should be frequently trimmed and shaped for their first couple of years after planting. Once grown up, they still require maintenance to grow dense and healthy. Hand-held shears are good enough for smaller shrubs, but for larger hedges you’ll have to go with a powered hedge trimmer.

WG284E.9 worx Hedge trimmer tool in use

Worx Cordless Chainsaws and Pole Saws

Click in the battery, and you’re off and cutting

Once exclusive to lumberjacks and farmers, with the availability of cordless models, chainsaws have become a staple in the shed of homeowners. The best battery-powered chainsaws and pole saws offer a high power-to-weight ratio together with an easy-handling form factor.
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Worx Cordless Leaf Blowers

How to choose the right tool

To remove a large quantity of dry leaves, a blower capable of moving a high volume of air is best. To get rid of wet, sticky leaves, you’d rather need a tool that produces a high velocity airstream. What if there was a blower that does it all? As it happens, now there is.

Worx Cordless Pressure washers

Choose one that you’ll actually use

High-pressure washers are certainly powerful and can remove stubborn dirt, moss and grime from your deck and garden furniture. But they are heavy, cumbersome, they need to be plugged to the mains and connected to a tap. Let’s be honest, most people end up using it two or three times a year.

WORX Garden tool - 20V Hydroshot Portable Pressure Washer Kit

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