Landroid does it better.

To most people, programming is a hassle. To the brave, it’s a challenge. To Landroid, it’s science. So we made it easy for you.

Grass species

Guided by the app, you tell Landroid which grass species you have.


Just tick the box in the app: either Sandy, Clay or Mixed.


Let it know if you have a permanent irrigation system.


Tell Landroid if you fertilise your grass.

What Landroid uses from weather stations

Connected Landroid robot mowers receive pin point climate information — rainfall, temperature, sunlight and weather forecast — from your closest local weather station.

How Landroid puts everything together

Landroid’s powerful cloud computing system combines all this data and builds a specialised algorithm that’s delivered to each individual Landroid on a daily basis. It’s this degree of customisation that gives you the perfect lawn.

Connected Landroid App

Your lawn at your fingertips

Far more than a remote control, the all-new app is an integral part of the Worx Landroid ecosystem. Download it here for free.

Accurate measurement of your lawn

Augmented Reality gives you the exact size of your lawn just by taking a walk.

Adapt it to your wishes

The app lets you review Landroid’s automatic planning settings and adjust them manually if necessary.

Performance Dashboard

See Landroid’s recent performance via the statistics of the dashboard.


Anything that requires your attention will be communicated to you by the app immediately.

Guest mode

The app is your interface to the Worx Landroid ecosystem. Download it now and experience Landroid before you buy it.

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