Robotic Lawn Mower Exgain E1800

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The E1800 is our mid ranged and most recent model Robotic Lawn Mower. Brussless Cutting motor with a 4.4Ah Lithium battery. Designed to maintain lawns up to 1500m2, it has Wi-Fi connectivity to control and program through IOS and Android Apps. This unit can be programmed to service up to 6 different areas with separate schedule settings for each area.

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Robot Lawn Mower Features:

robot lawn mowers australia_CoverageMaintains up to 1500m2. 200m2 per hour. 500m2 per battery charge. robot lawn mowers australia_Auto_HomeUnit will return to its charging station automatically when it is finished mowing or when the battery runs low. robot lawn mowers australia_Scheduling Fully programmable scheduling on a daily per area basis. Program nearly all features via free IOS or Android App. Programmable for up to 6 separate mowing areas. This is very useful for areas with narrow entries and lawns that require mowing at different intervals. Secured customisable PIN Code makes this unit unusable to any would be thief. 4.4Amp Hour Lithium Battery. With an average working time of 2-3 hours, and approximately 2 hours charging time. robot lawn mowers australia_WiFi Fully integrated Wi-Fi connection. Program nearly all features via free IOS or Android App. robot lawn mowers australia_Hill_Capability Capable of climbing and descending hills of up to 30 degrees. 15 degrees on the perimeter wire. robot lawn mowers australia_Cutting_Speed Travel speed of 35cm per minute. Brushless Cutting Motor with Blade speed of 3000rpm. robot lawn mowers australia_Cutting_Width Cutting width of 21cm. robot lawn mowers australia_Cutting_HieghtMotorised adjustments between 2.5cm and 5.5cm in height. robot lawn mowers australia_LED_Display Very user friendly intuitive LED display. robot lawn mowers australia_Low_Noise Very quiet operation (less than 60dB.) robot lawn mowers australia_Water_Resistant Suitable for continuous outdoor use and storage without cover. robot lawn mowers australia_Gyroscope Gyroscope sensing enables straight travel, even when crossing slopes of 30 degrees. robot lawn mowers australia_Rain_Sensing Rain sensing allows the unit to detect rain and return home until it has stopped. Unit will continue its scheduled mow once it is dry. robot lawn mowers australia_Emergency_Stop Emergency Stop button for easy shut down. robot lawn mowers australia_Lift_Sensor Unit stops as soon as it is lifted above 35 degrees. robot lawn mowers australia_Bump_Sensor Bump sensor is activated when the unit runs into any obstacle. Unit will reverse and change direction when bump sensor is activated. robot lawn mowers australia_Power_Fail Unit will shut down on any mains power fail. robot lawn mowers australia_Perimeter_Wire Unit requires the installation of a perimeter wire. Which is included in the box. Perimeter wires are more accurate and secure. robot lawn mowers australia_Wire_Cut Unit will shut down if the perimeter wire is cut. robot lawn mowers australia_Warranty1 year Australian warranty. Covers parts and labour.

In the Box:

  • User Manual – Click here to download
  • E1800 Robot Lawn Mower
  • E1800 Charging Station
  • 2 Charging Connection Pins
  • 4 Charging Station Fixing Pegs
  • 1 Set of Spare Mower Blades with Fixings
  • 100 metres of Perimeter Wire
  • 100 metres of Wire Pegs
  • 10 Perimeter Wire Connections

Product Features:

  • Work Area – Will maintain a maximum work area of 1500m2. It will cut approximately 200m2 per hour and 500m2 per battery charge.
  • Safety – This Robot Lawn Mower has bump sensors that stop the mower and turn it around when it hits an unexpected obstacle. If the unit is lifted during operation it will stop travel and the cutting blades. It also has a large easily accessed Emergency Stop button on top to manually stop the mower when needed.
  • Functionality – With a perimeter wire installed to set the required work area and protect gardens or pools etc. the E1800 will mow up to 6 separate work zones that are programmed to a set schedule. With up to 3 hours of operation per battery charge the robot will also return home to it’s charging station at the end of the scheduled time or when the battery runs low. If it is raining at the schedule time to mow, the mower will return back to it’s home station until after the rain has stopped.
  • WiFi Connectivity – Connect to the robot using WiFi and free App for both IOS and Android devices. Program and set nearly all the features of this robot through this remote connection.
  • Security – Programmable with a security pin code. The mower is unable to be operated without the correct code and the correct charging station. WiFi connectivity is also secure with a customisable SID name and password.
  • Mowing Features – With a Blushless cutting motor with a motorised adjustable cutting height of between 2.5cm and 5.5cm this mower will travel at 35 metres per minute at a cutting width of 21cm. The mower housed 3 retractable blades that  rotate at 3000 rpm. This robot will tackle slopes of up to 30 degrees while travelling and 15 degrees on the perimeter wire.
  • Other Features – Very low noise at less than 60dB. User friendly LCD screen for local operation and programming. Weather resistant to IP54 for continuous outdoor use, this Robot Lawn Mower is not required to be housed or protected from the elements. 4.4Ah Lithium battery which takes up to 2 hours to charge and allows for up to 3 hours of operation.

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Product Specifications:

Model E1800
Coverage (for once charging) e1800 500m2±20%
Working capacity 1500m2±20%
Virtual wire maximum length/diameter 600m/0.5mm
Standard virtual wire length/diameter 100m/0.5mm
Mower size 52*39*27cm(LWH)
Charging station size 60*50*17cm(LWH)
Rated Power 85W(average)
Noise ≤60dB
Qty for cutting blades 3pcs
Cutting height 2.5-5.5cm
Cutting width 21cm
Cutting speed 35m/min
Blades rotate speed 3000 rpm
Hill capability 30degree Max slope
Max ambient functioning temp. 40℃
Average working time 2-3hours
Type of battery Lithium
Battery capacity 4.4AH
Gross weight 19KGS
Net weight 16KGS
Charging time ≤2 hours
Rain sensor Yes
Auto recharge Yes
Intelligent spiral Yes
Go straight Yes
Anti theft Yes
Lift sensor Yes
Tilted sensor Yes
Gyroscope Yes
Intelligent cutting height adjusting Yes
Bump sensor Yes(side and front)
LED display Yes
Waterproof Yes
Touch sensor Yes
Time set-up system Yes
Emergency switch Yes
Set up password Yes
Language option Yes
Around virtual wire walking selection Yes
Mower can’t been start when charging station power less Yes
Mower can’t been start when virtual wire has been cut off Yes
Intelligent testing lawn Yes
Subarea setting Yes
Warranty 2 years




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