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Lawnba E1600T

$1,665.00 (AUD$ Including GST)

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The Lawnba E1600T will maintain a maximum work area of 3600m2 and it will cut approximately 300m2 per hour and 1300m2 per battery charge

Robot Lawnba E1600T Features:

  • Safety – This Robot Lawn Mower has bump sensors that stop the mower and turn it around when it hits an unexpected obstacle. If the unit is lifted during operation it will stop travel and the cutting blades. It also has a large easily accessed Emergency Stop button on top to manually stop the mower when needed.
  • Functionality – once the perimeter wire installed to set the required work area and protect gardens or pools etc., the E1600T will mow up to 6 separate work zones that are programmed to a set schedule. With up to 5 hours of operation per battery charge the robot will also return home to it’s charging station at the end of the scheduled time or when the battery runs low. If it is raining at the schedule time to mow, the mower will return back to it’s home station until after the rain has stopped.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity – Connect to the robot using Wi-Fi and free App for both IOS and Android devices. Program and set nearly all the features of this robot through this remote connection.
  • Security – Programmable with a security pin code. The mower is unable to be operated without the correct code and the correct charging station. Wi-Fi connectivity is also secure with a customisable SID name and password.
  • Mowing Features – With a Brushless Cutting Motor with adjustable cutting height of between 2.5cm and 5.5cm this mower will travel at 35 metres per minute at a cutting width of 28cm. The mower housed 4 retractable blades that  rotate at 3000 rpm. This robot will tackle slopes of up to 30 degrees while travelling and 15 degrees on the perimeter wire.
  • Other Features – Very low noise at less than 60dB. User friendly LCD screen for local operation and programming. Weather resistant to IP54 for continuous outdoor use, this Robot Lawn Mower is not required to be housed or protected from the elements.

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In the Box:

  • User Manual – Click here to download.
  • E1600T Robot Lawn Mower
  • E1600T Charging Station
  • 2 Charging Connection Pins
  • 4 Charging Station Fixing Pegs
  • 1 Set of Spare Mower Blades with Fixings
  • 100 metres of Perimeter wire
  • 100 metres of wire pegs
  • 10 perimeter wire connections

Additional information

Lawn Mowers


Motor Type


Motor Power

85 Watts

Running Time per Charge

Up to 5 Hours

Cutting Width


Cutting Blades

4 x Centrifugal

Cutting Height

2.5cm – 5.5cm




1 Yr Standard (Ext Available)

Key Capabilities
Area Capacity

3,600m2 (-20% Recommended)

Installation Type

Boundary Wire

Multi Zone

6 Zones

Max Allowable Slope

55% Gradient

Max Consistent Slope

45% Gradient

Max Edge Slope

35% Gradient

Travel Speed

35 metres per minute

Battery Charging Time

4-5 Hours

Battery Voltage & Capacity

24V – 2 x 6.6Ah (13.2Ah)

Type of Battery

Lithium Ion

Battery Charge Method

Contact – Auto Return to Base

Battery Charge Rate

4 Amp

Safety Features
Bump Sensor


Emergency Stop


Lift/Tilt/Rollover Sensor

Yes (45 deg approx)

Cutting System
Cutting Blade Speed

3000 rpm

Cut to Edge (Offset Blades)


Communication and Interface

WiFi (Independant)

LED Display


App Control

Free IOS & Android App

Smart Home Integration



4 Digit Security Pin

Program Settings
Eco Mode


Perimeter Cut Mode

Yes (Scheduled)

Rain Sensor

Yes (Configuable)

Schedule Mowing

Yes (Local & App)

Other Features


Rear Wheels

220mm Hard Rubber

Front Wheels

1 x 75mm

Included Equipment
Base Station


Base Station Cover


Base Station Fixings

4 Nails

Perimeter Wire

100 mt

Perimeter Wire Pegs

100 ea

Weights and Dimensions
Box Dimensions

87cm x 55cm x 33cm

Box Gross Weight


Product Only Dimensions

60cm x 46cm x 26cm

Product only Weight


Max Perimeter wire Length

600 metres

Self Leveling



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Have you checked where your maximum edge slope is?

The maximum edge slope should be placed within 1 meter of the boundary wire to prevent lawn damage from the robot lawn mower’s wheels.

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