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Try Before You Buy – Segway Navimow 1500m2 – 6 Day Hire

$100.00 (AUD$ Including GST)

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Segway Navimow Wireless robot mower H1500A VF

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GTIN: 8720254406664
MPN: H1500A-VF
Brand: Segway Navimow


Try Before You Buy

Important! – this product is for the hire only for a period of 6 days. This product must be picked up from our store and dropped off at the end of the hire period selected.

Get a $100 discount on the purchase a Segway Navimow of any model, by simply complying with the following terms:

1. Return the hired product prior to 5pm on the Tuesday at the end of the hire period.

2. Return the hired product without damage. (Fair ware and tear acepted.)


Segway Navimow – Life Without Boundaries.

Segway Navimow, the truly automated robotic mower, uses a virtual boundary, eliminating the need for complicated perimeter wiring. Easy to operate and manage, Navimow gives you more free time to do the things you love and an effortlessly impeccable lawn every day.With Vision Fence fitted as standard, Navimow uses AI and camera vision to detect objects and mow even more intelligently. Vision Fence has a 140-degree field of view, so nothing goes unseen by Navimow.

Segway Navimow H1500A-VF

The Segway Navimow H1500A-VF robotic lawnmower is the mid-model of the new Navimow series. The robot lawn mower is suitable for large mowing areas of up to 1500 m². Thanks to the GPS function, the robot lawn mower no longer needs a boundary wire, in contrast to comparable products. The device can be accessed and controlled from anywhere.

The Segway Navimow Robotic Lawnmower H1500A-VF robot lawnmower is the middle product in the Navimow series. With the integrated 7.6 Ah battery, it is possible to mow large lawns of up to 1500 m² within one virtual map. Thanks to innovative technology, boundary cables are no longer required when using the new Navimow robots. Thanks to the 4G LTE module, a fully automatic connection via 4G is possible, which means that in the event your WLAN connection is lost, you will still have the ability to connect and locate the robot. This also allows the robot to be controlled at any time and from anywhere.

Thanks to the EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System), the Segway Navimow Robotic Lawnmower H1500A-VF determines its position in the garden with an accuracy of up to 2 cm. The mowing process itself is also easier and more efficient than ever with the Navimow models. Before mowing, the robot determines the area and creates a fixed route that it will mow. In this way, the robot lawn mower mows your garden systematically and the result is a nice, even and perfectly cut lawn.

The Segway Navimow Robotic Lawnmower H1500A-VF not only follows the routes efficiently but also ensures that the lawn is cut evenly from above with the Frequent Soft Cut System (FCFS). This achieves the desired cutting height over the entire mowing area.


The Segway H1500A-VF Key Features

Work Zone: With a cutting surface of up to 1500 m2, this model of Segway mower can rapidly and effectively mow large lawns.

Cutting Height: With an electrically adjusted cutting height range of 20mm to 65mm.s, the robotic lawn mower Navimow H1500A-VF provides users with a variety of mowing options for their grass.

Cutting Width: The cutting width of the deck is 21 centimetres.

Battery: The H1500A-VF can mow vast areas on a single charge, removing the need to recharge so often. Its battery is 7.6Ah and will run the robot for up to 4 hours.

Navigation Tech: The Segway Navimow’s sophisticated navigation technology allows it to go around obstacles and through challenging terrain with ease.

Virtual Mapping: The Segway Navimow’s free IOS or Android App allows you to efficiently program your desired map by remotely controlling the robot around the perimeter of your yard. The map is stored in the robot’s memory and you are ready to start mowing. There is also no limit to the amount of separate areas, no-go areas or pathways you can program. The only limit is the total area of the map.

Automatic Lawnmowing: This robot mower can be scheduled to mow your lawn any time of the day or week.

Rain Sensor: The Navimow line of Robots is fitted with a frost and rain sensor, so if it detects rain, it will halt mowing immediately and return home to charge. This function is programable so you can control when the robot has a break.

Machine Safety: All Navimows are fitted with a range of safety features to ensure the robot and cutting system stop in any event the robot is lifted or even touched.

Security Built-In: The Segway H1500A-VF is integrated with a theft protection feature, allowing only authorised individuals to operate it.

Noise Reduction: With an operating volume of approximately 54 decibels, this device is extremely quiet

Vision Fence: This new capability uses advanced computer vision technology to detect and avoid impediments in its route. It also utilises infrared sensors to check the perimeter of your lawn in order to determine when to turn around and when to stop.

What’s in the Segway box:

  1. Segway Navimow
  2. Vision Fence Sensor
  3. Power Supply
  4. Extension Cable
  5. 10x Pegs for extension Cable
  6. Charging Station
  7. 4x Charging Station Scews
  8. GNSS Antenna Kit
  9. Antenna Kit Poll
  10. User Manual
  11. 12 Spare Blades & Screws

Additional information

Lawn Mowers

Segway Navimow

Product Grading


Motor Type


Motor Power


Running Time per Charge

Up to 4 Hours

Cutting Width


Cutting Blades

3 x Centrifugal

Cutting Height

3cm – 7cm


<54dB (A)


3 Years Limited Warranty

Key Capabilities
Area Capacity

up to 1500m2

Installation Type

Wireless installation

Drive System

Rear 2WD

Pattern Mowing

Yes – Parallel Lines

Multi Zone


Mowing Capacity Per Working Hour

up to 100m2 per/hr

Max Allowable Slope

45% Gradient

Max Consistent Slope

35% Gradient

Max Edge Slope

10% Gradient

Travel Speed

25 metres per minute

Battery Charging Time

4 Hours

Battery Voltage & Capacity

25.2V / 7.6Ah / 191Wh

Type of Battery

Lithium Ion

Battery Charge Method

Contact – Auto Return to Base

Safety Features
Obstacle Avoidance

Camera Vision

Bump Sensor


Emergency Stop


Lift/Tilt/Rollover Sensor

Yes (45 deg approx)

Cutting System
Cutting Blade Speed

2800 rpm

Cut to Edge (Offset Blades)

Yes – Edge Cut

Communication and Interface

WiFi (Fully Intergrated)

LED Display


App Control

Free IOS & Android App

Smart Home Integration


Firmware Updates

Free Over the Air (FOTA)


GSM GPS Tracking
Pin & Geofence

Program Settings
Eco Mode


Perimeter Cut Mode

Yes (Manual & Scheduled)

Rain Sensor

Yes (Configuable)

Schedule Mowing

Yes (Fully configurable)

Wired Navigation System
GPS Assisted Navigation


Smart Partitions


SDM Cutting System


Spiral Cut Mode


Straight Cut Mode



Yes (electronic)

Wireless Navigation System
Positioning System

Camera Vision

Virtual Mapping Limits

1800m2 – Unlimited Zones and Off Limits

IMU Asssited Navigation


Other Features


Rear Wheels

200mm Hard Rubber

Front Wheels

2 x 80mm

Included Equipment
Base Station

Yes – Drive in / Reverse Out

Base Station Cover


Base Station Fixings

4 Screws

Perimeter Wire


Perimeter Wire Pegs


Power Supply and Cable

Yes – 10mt


Yes – RTK Reference Station

Weights and Dimensions
Box Dimensions

82cm x 59cm x 36cm

Box Gross Weight


Product Only Dimensions

603mm × 468mm × 264mm

Product only Weight




28 kg


90 × 61 × 32 cm


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Have you checked where your maximum edge slope is?

The maximum edge slope should be placed within 1 meter of the boundary wire to prevent lawn damage from the robot lawn mower’s wheels.

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