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Ambrogio QUAD Elite

$7,399.00 (AUD$ Including GST)

5.00 out of 5
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Ambrogio QUAD Elite specs


QUAD – No Limit

QUAD Elite is the newest lawnmower robot from Ambrogio, dedicated to lawns with slopes up to 75%. Thanks to its 4 driving, electric-steering wheels and 10Ah battery, the robot can handle uphill and humps extremely steep and is also highly performing close to the sloping edge (up to 65%).

This robot has the newest features of all Ambrogio robots. Radar sensor for “touchless” obstacle detection, SDM mowing algorithm via GPS, touch screen programmability and much more!

Its high-efficiency level is due to a traction wheel motor on each traction module, which allows turning in the forward direction of the robot. QUAD Elite moves in any direction thanks to the steering wheels with no need for risky manoeuvres on slopes.

Its compact and square shape (only 21”/53.4cm) makes the QUAD Elite highly nimble on slopes or flat ground. The handles on the 4 sides make it safe and easily portable.

  • 2.5-hour run time with 3500m2 range
  • Four driving/steering wheels
  • 10 Ah new battery
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can handle slopes up to 75 degrees
  • Obstacle detection radar
  • Infinity System: The innovative navigation system that allows several robots to manage simultaneously an area, in a smart and integrated way.
  • ZCS CONNECT: It allows you to connect and interact with the robot every time and everywhere (with your own smartphone or tablet). By using the Remote App Ambrogio it is possible to set up the robot time profiles, verify location (geolocalization), isolate and/or work on specific areas of the garden (Go Away), monitor the status of the robot and receive alerts when it comes out of the garden (Geo-fence alarm, an evolved anti-theft system). Thanks to the Go Home and Work Now functions, it is possible to force the robot to return to the charging station and work in the garden.
  • Smart Assistant: The models equipped with ZCS Connect can interact with the user thanks to the new SMART ASSISTANT function (compatible with Siri, Google Home and Alexa). The Smart Assistant function allows you to send vocal commands and ask for information on the robot’s functioning and working statistics.
  • AMICO (Optional)

Ambrogio QUAD Elite with Radar Obstacle Detection

Ambrogio Quad’s radar technology makes Quad the world’s safest robot mower. In addition, the radar sensors dramatically simplify the installation. The Quad’s radar is able to detect dense hedges, trees, play sets, etc.

Quad is the safest robot mower on the market because its radar detects people and pets, too! Quad is the best robot for properties with many mature trees. Fewer bumps, more safety, and longer life for the robot!

Smart Partition via Touch Screen

The touch screen enables the “Smart Partition” to tell your robot “where to mow when”. It has programmable starting points – start your robot in certain places of your yard more often at times of your choosing or avoid starting your robot in certain parts when inconvenient.

For example, program your robot to mow the front yard only when pedestrians are not on the sidewalk. This feature is also programmable via the Ambrogrio Remote app.

GPS Assisted Mowing

GPS technology helps the robot mow more efficiently via its SDM algorithm. The yard is divided into tiles. The robot systematically spirals in the tiles until all tiles are reached.

Ambrogio Connect

Ambrogio Quad robot mowers use 4G technology to enable Ambrogio Connect. Connect provides error notifications and enables certain commands for remote operations from anywhere in the world. Connect can interact with Alexa and Google Home. A Geofence can be enabled for theft recovery.

Ambrogio Remote App: Steer Your Robot

The Ambrogio Remote App enables set-up and control in addition to the touch screen. It also lets you steer your robot like a remote control car! This feature is helpful if your robot is turned off and the grass became too tall.





Additional information

Lawn Mowers


Product Grading


Motor Type

High Efficiency Brushless

Motor Power

250W Variable

Running Time per Charge

Up to 2.5 Hours

Cutting Width


Cutting Blades

4 Point Star

Cutting Height

2.5cm – 7.0cm


<59 dB


2 Yrs Standard

Key Capabilities
Area Capacity

3,500m2 (-20% Recommended)

Installation Type

Wired installation

Drive System

4WD with Four wheel steering

Pattern Mowing

No – Random

Multi Zone

8 Zones

Mowing Capacity Per Working Hour

up to 200m2 per/hr

Max Allowable Slope

75% Gradient

Max Consistent Slope

70% Gradient

Max Edge Slope

65% Gradient

Travel Speed

35 metres per minute

Battery Charging Time

2 Hours

Battery Voltage & Capacity

25.9V / 2 x 5Ah / 228Wh

Type of Battery

Lithium Ion

Battery Charge Method


Battery Charge Rate

5 Amp

Safety Features
Obstacle Avoidance

Bump Sensors
Radar Sensors

Bump Sensor


Emergency Stop


Lift/Tilt/Rollover Sensor

Yes (45 deg approx)

Cutting System
Cutting Blade Speed

Variable 2400-2800 rpm

Cut to Edge (Offset Blades)


Communication and Interface


LED Display

Touch Screen

App Control

Free IOS & Android App

Smart Home Integration

Compatible with Alexa
Google Home

Firmware Updates

Via Bluetooth


GSM GPS Tracking

Program Settings
Eco Mode

Yes (Ambrogio System)

Perimeter Cut Mode

Yes (Scheduled)

Rain Sensor


Schedule Mowing

Yes (Fully configurable)

Wired Navigation System
GPS Assisted Navigation

ZCS Connect (GPS/GSM)

Smart Partitions

Yes (Ambrogio System)

SDM Cutting System

Yes (Ambrogio System)

Spiral Cut Mode

Yes (Auto Sensing)

Straight Cut Mode

Yes (Custom Algorithm)


Yes (electronic)

Wireless Navigation System
Positioning System


Virtual Mapping Limits


IMU Asssited Navigation


Other Features


Rear Wheels

Patented Design

Front Wheels

Patented Design

Included Equipment
Base Station


Base Station Cover


Base Station Fixings

20 Nails

Perimeter Wire


Perimeter Wire Pegs


Power Supply and Cable

Yes – 10mt



Weights and Dimensions
Box Dimensions


Box Gross Weight


Product Only Dimensions

53.3cm x 53.3cm x 33.3cm

Product only Weight


Self Leveling




25 kg


91 × 65 × 46 cm

2 reviews for Ambrogio QUAD Elite

  1. 5 out of 5

    Alexander (verified owner)

    This is a brilliant machine! Very capable across slopes and gets the job done beautifully.

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  2. 5 out of 5

    Brendan (verified owner)

    Great customer service, product as described and a great supplier of Abrogio products

    (0) (0)
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Have you checked where your maximum edge slope is?

The maximum edge slope should be placed within 1 meter of the boundary wire to prevent lawn damage from the robot lawn mower’s wheels.

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Ambrogio QUAD Elite robot Mower
Ambrogio QUAD Elite
$7,399.00 (AUD$ Including GST)
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