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ProKut Rapid Feed 400 Trimmer Head BRN8560

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Take the effort out of reloading trimmer line with the Rapid-Feed 400 fast loading, bump feed nylon head

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Brand: Prokut


Extended Description

Rapid-Feed 400 Universal Multi-Fit Premium Bump Feed Trimmer Head Suits Left & Right Hand Straight & Bent Shaft Trimmers

Take the effort out of reloading trimmer line with the Rapid-Feed 400 fast loading, bump feed nylon head. Supplied with all of the most popular arbors and studs, suitable for left hand straight shaft trimmers or right hand bent shaft trimmers, and packed for retail display this nylon head bursting with features will be a reliable and fast moving replacement part.

  • Briggs & Stratton 99944200907_AAC, C6000109_AAC, C6000110_AAC.
  • Echo C6000109.
  • SHINDAIWA 78890-30000, C6000110.
  • Speed Feed SF400, SF400/E1, SF400/S, SF400/S1,
  • Load trimmer line in 30 seconds.
  • Fits straight and bent shaft trimmers.
  • Can be used in left and right hand applications.
  • Durable head for medium and heavy-duty applications.
  • Oversized eyelets for maximum line life.
  • Split spool for less tangles and reduced vibration.
  • Holds up to 4 m of 2.4 mm trimmer line.
  • Accepts up to 3.9 mm trimmer line.
  • Replacement spare parts available.
  • See below and inside package for fitting/loading instructions and replacement spare parts.
  • Echo selected brushcutters, trimmers and attachments including but not limited to
  • DPAS-300, ECST-58V, GT-222ES, GT-22GES, GT-222ES, SRM-22GES, SRM-222ES, SRM-2305SI,
  • SRM-236, SRM-236ES, SRM-236TES, SRM-2620ES, SRM-2620TE, SRM-2620TES, SRM-265,
  • SRM-265TES, SRM-2655SI, SRM-300ES, SRM-300TES, SRM-3020TES, SRM-335ES, SRM-335TES,
  • DPAS-TRIMMER, ECDST-58V and MTA-TB models.
  • Shindaiwa selected brushcutters, trimmers and attachments including but not limited to C263SX, C303TS, T236TS, T263SX, T303TS models.

A universal multi-fit trimmer head supplied with all popular arbors and adaptor sizes, fitting the most popular trimmers and brushcutters on the market today.

  • Left Hand Components – Straight Shaft Trimmers:-
  • Left Hand Nylon Adapter (Black) fitted.
  • M10 x 1.25 LH (Gold) fitted.
  • M10 x 1.25 LH (Blue).
  • M10 x 1.00 LH (Green).
  • M9 x 1.25 LH (Silver).
  • M8 x 1.25 LH (Red).
  • Stud M7 X 1.0 LH x M10 x 1.25 LH.
  • Stud M8 x 1.25 LH x M10 x 1.25 LH.
  • Right Hand Components – Bent Shaft Trimmers:-
  • Right Hand Nylon Adapter (White).
  • M8 x 1.25 RH (Purple).
  • 3/8” – 24 RH (Black).
  • Stud M8 x 1.25 RH x 3/8” – 24 RH.

Fitting Instructions:-

  • REMOVE – 1. Using the tools supplied with your equipment, REMOVE old trimmer head by locking the gearbox and twisting trimmer head off. Head will loosen clockwise for straight shaft trimmers and anti-clockwise for bent shaft trimmers.
  • IDENTIFY – 2. IDENTIFY the appropriate adaptor by fitting to exposed thread (the correct adaptor may already be fitted in the trimmer head).
  • INSTALL – 3. INSTALL the selected adaptor to head and twist on tightly with gearbox locked (only use the plastic spacer when required to avoid interference with grass guard on some units, remaining unused adaptors can be disposed).

Reloading Trimmer Line Instructions –

  • ALIGN – 1. Hold base and twist trimmer head to ALIGN arrows with eyelets.
  • FEED – 2. Cut a length and FEED trimmer line directly through head so that half is protruding each side. As a guide use 4 m of 2.4 mm (.095”) line. Please note that differing line thickness and shape will affect the line capacity.
  • TWIST – 3. Hold base and TWIST trimmer head to feed line on.
  • Replacement Spare Parts are available:-
  • Head Cover: BRN8562.
  • Spring: BRN6931.
  • Spring Cap: BRN6940.
  • Spool: BRN8564.

To avoid possible injury:

  • Ensure this attachment is tightened securely.
  • Ensure the trimmer line is properly positioned within the grass guard and that the line makes contact with the cutting knife on the grass guard when fully extended.
  • Only use Prokut Spare Parts in this product, quality of any other replacement parts is not guaranteed and could lead to damage or injury of the operator.
  • Always wear personal protective equipment as described in your equipment’s operator manual.
  • Always make sure bystanders are at least 15 m away before operating this product as flying debris can cause harm.

Additional information

Lawn Mowers



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22 × 15 × 9 cm


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ProKut BRN8560 Rapid-Feed head 400
ProKut Rapid Feed 400 Trimmer Head BRN8560
$39.95 (AUD$ Including GST)
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